ROTJ HELMET grebblies ??


New Hunter
What has everyone been useing for these...? Suggestions are much apprecaitted. Thank you - Spike

Jango_Fett_Jr said:
I think he's asking about the two little doodads sticking at the bottom, which as far as I know haven't been IDed yet.

Yepm the 2 little doodads. Anyone find anything that looks close?
I was thinking the same thing with the wooden pegs. Now to search around my shop... I know I have some, somewhere. Thanks to you all. :)
theres a LED light and frame system that looks almost 100% like those... the "holder" for the LED is that round cylinder part and the led is all the way in with only the very tip to show. just my knowledge though, I have no idea what they really are. capaciter idea looks and sounds good too, and its cheaper.
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