ROTJ Girth Color Check


Hello All
If someone is an expert on the proper color for a rotj girth, could they please tell me if im somewhat close or not at all near what the right color should be?


It looks too....mmmmm brown?
Let me know what you think(y)



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what color did you use? how did you color it? i dont think it is red enough...i like it for ESB, though! ;) can you add some more red to it? or just send it to me...


i used the latex stain method..the stain color was "eldorado" and when i opened it up it was pretty dang orangy brown, so i went back to my paint store and asked them to redden it up a bit. the guy did add quite a bit of whatever it is they use to change the color so that it was closer to red, but im still not happy with it. i think im gonna try to just get the RIT dye in red and stain it over my current dye job? or im wondering if i should go back to the paint store and ask them to redden it up even more...hmmm


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Thats pretty correct, bruv. It needs to be a hair darker, but you could prolly fix that by either dipping it again, or misting it with black.