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So for the ROTJ (not SE) Fett:

Boots have black stripe or no stripe? I’m getting ready to weather them but I can’t seem to find the answer. Some photos seem to show a stripe and others don’t. I don’t want to paint it in only to find out that it’s incorrect. can anyone answer this?



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Looking at pictures it looks like there is a black stripe but it's weathered.

Here's a picture I look at Power of the Costume tour...



I'm thinking that Boba in The Power of the Costume was an SE. But I'm also thinking the boots are the same...


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Thanks folks. I guess if I weather them enough it would probably not be an issue either way. I’ll put the dark stripe on and weather it up nice. Thanks again for your input.


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Thanks Hvacdon!
That’s an awesome reference thread! I’m gonna do a repaint on my helmet soon. This is some great info.
My build thread is on the CT Garrison site:

This all started with intention to build a Halloween/comicon quality Boba Fett. And then I shifted gears to focus on possible 501st acceptance. So the beginning of the thread shows that I was taking some shortcuts at first. And I am still kind of a newbie to costume building.