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Hello All, I was wondering if someone could post a few pics of their Boba Fett, COMPLETED ROTJ helmet?? I'm specifically interested in close-up pics of the ear decals since I've had a few people ask me to make custom ROTJ decals for them. Thanks!!
Guess that's why I couldn't find them huh?? LOL. Thanks!!

How about pics of what it DOES look like??
Well, I am atempting to meet or exceed that one with mine that will be debued at C4. Not sure if I will throw any pics up of it or not. But rest assured I will get some beuty shots. I found a well respected photographer that I do work with through my day job and he will be doing a shoot with my costume after I get back next month.

This time arround its on a non cold cast TF bucket. But I think just due to Ripcodes being a mystery helmet, it is more accurate.

Do a search for ROTJ paint colors and you will find my thread with the colors I used for the Ripcode paint job. Some colors can be a pain to find but others have been able to find them. :)

The ROTJ is in my opinion one of the tougher paint jobs becase of the amount of hi detail damage it has but if you just take your time and work on one area at a time its not that bad. This time around my own helmet is going much faster then RIPS did becase I am less nervous about getting it right, I just suck it up and go for it.

Look forward to seeing what you come up with.
Are you going to take out the wavy brow on the TF bucket or keep it original.? Look forward to your progress.
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