ROTJ cape question !

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Today I was looking through several camping and army stores in my area for the correct shelter half.
I was pretty excited to find one with the correct stiching, but...

...the material had something like a rubbery finish and is nearly black on the inside... :facepalm

I know it is the standard shelter used by the austrian army, but I guess this is NOT the right.
What material is the correct one. Some cotton like, something like jeans ?

Any help is appreciated here.


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have you seen Brak's tutorial?

I bet you have :)

anyways, the jeans like material you are reffering to is correct, it's called canvas, and it's exactly what you need for a ROTJ cape:)

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Thanks for the infos. When using Brak´s tutorial with all the meassurments, I wouldn´t even need the tent.

Do you think I can find the corret material in any fabric store ?