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Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by Zom0898, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Ever since I first saw The Empire Strikes Back way back in the depths of time ive been a fan of Boba Fett and for years I have threatened my good lady with getting a life size one for the house much to her distaste!!

    While we were on our family holiday in florida in 2017 I got the chance to go to celebration which was amazing and the amount of time and detail you people put into your builds is outstanding!!

    After seeing all the amazing Fetts walking around celebration I decided I was going to get the lid to display in my drawing studio so after a lot of research I hit up Wasted Fett for his ROTJ lid which he sent to Raizo Fett to work his magic.

    After I ordered the lid I started to look into getting the full suit BUT the one down side I had at the time was I weighed 325lbs (23st 3lb/147kg) and in my eyes I didn't think anybody wanted to see a fat fett so it was time to get serious and if I was going to do this the it was gonna mean hard work!!!

    In this last year I have been doing loads of research and figuring out all the best places to get all the bits I need, along the way I have picked up a few things and now I'm at a point where its time to get the build into full swing!

    The main thing for me was to sort my weight out and I'm happy to say ive managed to get down to 240lb (17st 1lb/108kg so lets get things moving

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  2. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

    I'm not sure if I'm doing this right and I'm not really good with words so if I babble on then I appoligise and please bear with me lol.

    but any kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    right on with the build, after the lid I ordered a neck seal from evilbay so at least I could make a start and also have a play with dying material and weathering


    neck dye.jpg
  3. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

    After having a play with the neck seal I the hit up woodman for a cape

    cape pre 1.jpg


  4. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

    during this time ive managed to pick up a few things along the way, ive managed to find most of the JP greeblies, an original Patterson sqeege, all the other shintools from toolguy301, knee darts from Dark Side, hollow stalk from MachineCraft, JP beacon light and range finder electrics from Jc27 and I cant remember where I got the chest display from (sorry)



    jp greeblies.jpeg
  5. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

    next up I managed to get on a run of gloves by Mike M. I went for a pair of extra large ones which fit just right I think, this means I had to do my first real weathering on a item and to say its nerve wrecking is an understatement!! ive fired many types of gun so I went with how I feel they would look doing this


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  6. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

    now with me down to a nice weight and size I made the plunge and ordered all the soft parts from Arkady which I'm looking forward to getting and trying on but not looking forward to weathering incase I bugger it up :confused::confused:
  7. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

    I managed to get a set of wookie braids as the hunt for a girth belt kicked into action, in my hunt for one I have learned that you can find the for sale on here but MY GOD!! the postage to the UK is a killer!!! so if you are in the UK checkout equestrian centers, it took awhile but I found a place that sells the for £35 and free posteage when the ones from over seas were coming in at $125 :(:(

  8. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

    now I know I'm not the best at painting or using an airbrush but it was time to do the shin tools, I have a lot of experience using knives so that why the blade ended up looking like it does, will this be acceptable for 501st??



    fett tools.jpg
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  9. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

    at this point id like to thank Raizo Fett and Jurassic_Fett for their advice on the painting side of things, its been greatly appreciated
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  10. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

    I got home last week to a brown box from imperial boots, I managed to get on the run in april so ive been looking forward to getting them in hand, I must say I think I worry to much about all this weathering that needs to be done coz when you get started its so much fun, but you guys will be the judges of how all this stuff turns out, I think I had them 15 minutes before I started setting everything up, maybe I'm too eager lol :):):):)



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  11. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

    while ive been doing all this ive been in the hunt for a blaster but unfortunately the customs in this country are making it even harder to get one from the states, I think its HFX wont deliver to the UK so I cant get a rubber one for cons, so if any body can point me in the direction of a UK seller that would be great thanks??
  12. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

    the down side to being eager is the waiting, I have run out of things to do now until the flight suit and the other soft parts get here or 2 more weeks then I can order all the armour which I'm looking forward to putting together and laying some paint down.

    well that's it up to now, I hope its made some sence and not been to boring to follow.

    back to doing more research now for me which gives me the chance to look at all your amazing fett builds
  13. Jurassic_Fett

    Jurassic_Fett New Member

    Fantastic job on your weight loss! I lost a lot of weight years ago as well... Keep it up!

    And great job on those shin tools! Definitely like the weathering showing the white of the tools coming through.
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  14. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

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  15. rnbuda

    rnbuda Active Member

    ROTJ is coming along! Raizo Fett will do a great job on Wasted Fett lid! Congratulations on the weight loss as well!
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  16. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

    Thanks rnbuda, Raizo Fett is a true master of the art and I can't wait see what he does with it (y)(y)(y)
  17. Mike M.

    Mike M. Community Staff

    everything looks great so far, especially the gloves. you did fantastic weathering!
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  18. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

    Thanks Mike M. I was worried I'd over done it on the gloves
  19. Artakha

    Artakha (Formerly le1120)

    Just found this thread, you're doing fantastic so far. Love a good ROTJ. Lmk if I can help with advice or anything.
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  20. Fettology

    Fettology Jr Member

    Looking great! Love the weathering techniques and paint. Keep up the great work!
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  21. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

    Thanks Artakha any advice I can get is greatly appreciated
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  22. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

    Fettology Thanks man, I'm a total newbie to this painting/weathering game and the hints/tips and techniques I've got from the amazing people that are on this site is priceless
  23. Fettology

    Fettology Jr Member

    One thing I've learned with weathering is when doing Fabrics like a flightsuit or something along those lines is to pre wet (not dripping wet though) the areas you want to have weathered and when you apply paint using a spray bottle and watered down acrylics it helps make the paint bleed and look more realistic. Just make sure your acrylic paints to water is at least 50/50 if not more water. You can always layer colors. And remember that when you wet the fabric it will darken it so when you add the weathering it will look very harsh. And I mean very harsh. But when you dry it it will look good. And best part about that if it's too much paint, throw it in the wash on a regular cycle and then dry it. It will help take some of the paint out making it even softer.

    But I think your doing great with an airbrush! Airbrushing is hard. I've been doing it for about 12 years now. It I remember the days when I wasn't quite sure about things. But overall I think it's lookin great so far. Plus it's Fett. He is kind of a dirty person any ways. :lol:
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  24. Zom0898

    Zom0898 New Member

    Thanks for that Fettology I've been using a brown wash through the airbrush but after reading this I'm gonna try both techniques when I get the flight suit, the spray bottle sounds Interesting, I was thinking of layering it with browns, greys and maybe yellows
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  25. Fettology

    Fettology Jr Member

    You can always do a test on a t shirt just to get the technique down but it's a great technique for that worn lived in look!
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