ROTJ ammo belt snap??

Lynn TXP 0369

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I noticed on FP's great suit he has a snap on his one ammo belt pouch.

Chris, I borrowed your pic, I'll take it down if you want me to.

I know the ESB belt has one, but what about the ROTJ movie one? Neither the MOM and AOSW exhibits have it.

This may be just a "personal preference" thing. I like it though and may incorporate it as well.

Anyone know????

The ESB belt actually has 3 snaps. The ammo belt worn in Jedi has NO snaps. However when the filmed the Jedi SE shots, the added an ammo pouch that has one snap I believe ( I think the SE ammo belt only had the one snap).

You are right, Lynn, neither one of the ammo belts at MOM or AOSW has a snap present.
Aahhhh, thanks Dan.... I was begining to think I was going nuts looking for it.
I may just put it on because it is a cool detail and will make people look a little for the added details weather there correct or not.


tk0000 wrote:

Wow, I never knew about any snaps. Thanks for pointing it out.
No prob, I knew about at least one snap on the ESB belt but knew nothing of the one on the ROTJ SE belt until Chris's armor pics were posted.

Also notice the cod bolt that holds the cod and butt plate together location that you didn't know was there from before.... ;)

I may just add that snap, it looks preety cool on it.

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