Rogue Studios' ESB Color list & Painting Techniques


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You can't really judge the colors by looking at pics on a computer screen. As long as they're made by Floquil/Polly Scale, then those are the correct colors. :)
For info, the color numbers for Reefer Yellow are F414122 (Polly Scale) and F110031 (Floquil). The ATSF Yellow number is F110178 (Floquil) and I couldn't find the number for the Polly Scale version. . . all my paints are packed up right now.

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So I was looking for RLM73 today found what was labeled RLM73 it was REALLY dark though in the bottle...darker than say Gunship Gray. So I didnt grab was a model masters paint i think I may end up mixing up the color myself with flat green gray and blue to get the color I believe it to be...Im not even close to that layer but would like some insight thanks guys


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Weird... Mine is PollyScale, which is also Testors. It is dark, but it's very definitely green. Here are my accumulated Boba colours:


The "Ger RLM 73 Green" is 6th from the right.

Here's the link to the paint. It's a little lighter when airbrushed on, and lighter still when seen under strong set lighting.

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Hi all.I have bought 2 boba helmet and this is the first time that I am going to paint a boba helmet.

I have some doubts about the paint

Vertical stripes-Up armor yellow (F414170 or reefer yellow(F110031)?
Left ear- Panzer olive green?REF ,please.I have the PS F505113 and Testors 4798.
Right ear- Earth Enamel(F110081 ) or Panzer Dark yellow(F505111)?
Gray around the scratches- SP Lark Dark green(F414182) or Reefer gray(F414116)?
Where is the Rust (F110073) applied?

Any online store that ships all these colors to Spain?.I am having a lot of problems to buy some colors.

Thanks for the help.

Only one more question.

For cheeks and dome,Panzer olive green from Polly Scale(F505113) or Panzer olivgrun 1943 from MODEL MASTER(4798)?

Thanks for the


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Great Thread. Long-Time fan and I finally have the money and time (between raising 3 kids) to complete a Fett costume. Thought I'd start from the top. Concerning the paints are they enamels or acrylics or a mix of both. Does one work better than the other. Can one layer be enamel and other acrylic. I'm new to this whole airbrush thing.



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I believe that the decision had to do with the fact that the new book Making of ESB has a photo of Fett showing Pantone color matching.
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I know the pic you're referring to:


It shows the jumpsuit as silver and also shows the armor and helmet colors as being the same. Hopefully we will see some new info about it.
Personally, I don't find this one single picture to be the Rosetta Stone of Fett colors. :)


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That picture is interesting but IMO is not nearly accurate enough to try to paint a helmet from. At most someone should check out the armor tone to see if its close.

The Rouge Studios list is the best. I highly recommend it be used by anyone trying for an accurate paintjob. With some personal tweaks as to your own taste, its by far the best starting point.


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I dont think that the colors on the picture are the point....

bottom line is what we all think is accurate from the past is not as accurate as we think....

last point is that for those of us who have seen the ESB hero helmet in person it is very clear that the RS colors are not 100% accurate
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Hmm. . . I had always understood that Pantone was a system of being able to reproduce specific colors, not the colors themselves. Sort of like the FS numbers used when referencing military colors.
As far as seeing the Hero, I certainly agree that photos -vs- eyeballs will give a different "reading." I got to see it up close years ago at the very first MoM display at the Smithsonian, but it was before I really got involved in prop reproductions, and I didn't have anything to compare it with to say what paints on a color list looked OK and what looked wrong.
I love talking colors, and I think I share in most members' desire to be as accurate as possible! :)

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I think if we're trying to be as accurate as possible this infinitely useful list should remain stickied! I bet there is not one person painted a helmet who hasn't consulted this list, even if they went with different paints (I notice the spraypaint colours are still at the top?). It's been clearly documented that ILM used Floquil railroad and military colours, so I don't think this new photo is cause to divert from that lead, even if they may be not totally correct (as RS has admitted himself). I'm not trying to fuel a debate over this, just wanted to agree this should still be stickied : )
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