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Philip Fett

Ok, well, Im not the best at making screen quality costumes, so IM sticking to what Im good at, and that is doohickeys. I already have the front triangles and RF lights blinking on my boba helm, now I want more, Im putting a digital cam in my RF. Im not sure where I want the cam itself to be, but the LCD display is going inside my RF so I can see what the status of it is. Im starting this and will keep it updated as I accomplish more (hopefully over the next few days) To start, here is the cam before I begin to operate


(update: Upon first disection, It has revealed to be just small enough to fit all the electonics within the RF head, so I am going to insert it in there. The batteries are AAAs in the cam, but I will msot likely replace them with AAs in my helm to save on weight on the RF, as I dont want to strain the lifting servo too much)

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Just a suggestion but you could put the camera to look behind you thru the vents on the back of the helm. Then you could see behind you on your range finder. 8)
neat idea, ive got that camera too, mine broke the first time i used it though :p
got it free with my comp though so no big loss, makes you feel like 007 or sumthin with it though its so small
I was thinking aobut doing that for the GB cam.

And yeah, this cam is small and cheap, but mine isnt broken yet, so into the RF its going to go.
How much did that little thing run you? And where can I get one?! Sounds like its not too hard of a thing to do... hopefully lol. I've always seen threads about LCD's in helmets but dont know of anyone who has succeeded with anything like this. Goodluck!
the LCD screen is going to go on the bottom of the RF where it should be, the cam I think I will hook up to be on top of the RF, I may tint it flat or not, but Im willing to sacrifice a bit of screen perfection, hell, he didnt even have an RF for a good bit of that kamino fight. Ill keep it posted as I make progress. But I do know the batteries are going in the helm and the bottons I will probably wire into the guantlet.

The cam costs 10 bucks at walmart
its just pics, no live feed, its too small and cheap for anyhting else. I am goig to try and baklight the LCD though, but IM not going to get ahead of myself as I am going to have to get it into the RF first.

I need some help, anyone know how to disassemble the rubies RF?
Are you trying to get the RF off of the helmet? Or split it apart? To get ti off, just jam a knife between the ear and helm and try to pop it off. Here's a pic of what I mean....

Wow I just had that pic lying around! I knew it would come in handy someday!

If you're talking about popping the RF head itself apart... I think there is a line around the top of the RF... here I felt like taking some pictures lol.



If thats the part your talking about, I suppose you would just stick a sharp knife in the crack around the square on top and wiggle it around in different places until you got the peice loose. Hope all that helped!
yeah, I figured thats what I had to do, Ive been messing with it for a while with a hobby knife to no avil, I was refering to the RF top. But it is helpful to confirm what I hoped I could avoid.
Well I'm glad all those pics helped you somehow. lol. That RF is from a rubies i got from Mister_Fett_1975, so you may want to PM him on how he got that sucker opened.
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