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Today, several of our admins are hanging up their administrative buckets and heading back to the peace and quiet of the average tdh member. Please take a moment to join me in thanking them for their contributions to this board.

Dustin Crops Boy: DCB is the sole reason Zammers have a home here at TDH. He has helped so much through the years, mainly with graphics and the production of "swag"; from calendars to t-shirts, to member cards. He also is the creator of the much loved "angels" logo which helped give TDH an identity. While he has moved on with other interests, his impact will always be felt here.

Bobafettish: BF was an early mod, back when the administration cleaned and organized EVERY thread. BF read every new thread on the board daily and kept things on the straight and narrow. He administered the Cargo Hold and along the way, inspired many with his amazing Fett costume!

Tyler Durden: While TD was not extremely active in moderating the board, he did a tremendous amount of work on the back end, helping sustain the infrastructure. He helped us through two migrations and gave a great deal of CSS support. While 90% of what he did was not seen, without his help and many late nights, we wouldn't have a board at all.

Remo Locke: RL is a huge supporter of the Dented Variants and has helped Jodo Kast 3 moderate that forum. Though short, we greatly appreciate his service!

If you have never been an administrator of a discussion board, you might not realize the work and dedication involved. Each of these individuals have FREELY given of their time and energy, with no reward or compensation and often no thanks. Please take the time now to thank them for their selfless service to you the membership and to this board as a whole.


PS. Look for a new moderator of the Zam forum soon!
all i gotta say is thanx to everyone who makes this board happen and bring everyone jango would be a disaster without the TDH.....(y)

Hey thanks guys without you guys I wouldn't even be in the 501st cause I never would have gotten my ESB fett troopable. My son thanks you too because he loves puttin the bucket on and trooping with dad.
I would like to say "Thanks" to Bobafettish. It is funny to look back when he helped me put my armor on the new vest. I did not glued the snaps on right to the armor and they all popped off while we mounted the armor to the vest. Man did I feel dumb. :p Better there and not while trooping. Then he showed me how to better glue the snaps to the armor. Thanks for the all the help.
Thanks for your dedication and help in making TDH what it is today. I hope we get to meet some of you at C4 or ComicCon SD.

Also, thanks for the dedication of all the current mods.

I know it's hard being a MOD. the current anf former MODS have my thanks as well.
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Thanks to the outgoing crop of admins... without you this family just wouldn't be here!

Special thanks go to BobaFettish. Chris was a major influence and inspiration to me in building my suit as well as a good friend.
Congrats guys on a job well done. Being a Moderator is most often a thankless task.

I remember being a Admin/Moderator on a 1/6th Figure forum a long, long time ago...yup, a lotta work, and rare are the Thank You's!

So here's one:

Thank You!
Yep... if it weren't for DCB us Zammer's wouldn't have the nice comfy home we have here. Thanks DCB for all the work you did at TDH for us... the great pics from Australia (Yep - we still use them! :D ) the Helmet! And all the inspiration you gave us! Thank you!!!
Thanks all, for the great work over the years! Would've never have been able to build a legit Fett suit without this place. Thanks again!

Thanx guys!!! Special thanx to our ESB expert Tyler!!!! Wouldn't have been where I am at with mine if it hadn't been for him!!! Thanx again,
As a mod of a couple other forums, and an admin at my own, I know the kind of hard work and precious time needs to be put in. Thanks guys!
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