Repaint/touch up of my Rubies Lid

Del Fargazer

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I decided I'd 'touch' up my paint job on my Rubies helmet since I wasn't happy with the way the colors ended up. Primarily my green dome and cheeks were too light, so I thought I'd use that as a reason to give it all a once over.

Here's where I started ...........

And here's where I ended up .... I like the colors much better.





Cheers !!
Very nice boba! I wen for a jango as the paint scheme on the boba looked way too involved!

Im curious in the eyes of the 501st how does the rubies stack up? Is it accepted with a new paint job? or do they say no on the rubies? Im just trying to find out what acceptable or not as Im a 501st vader, and know how finicky they are on vader. Ive heard the requirements on Fett's are even stricter.

Del Fargazer

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Rubies are fine for the 501st ... I got my Fett in early last year. Can't say for sure but I would think a paint job (and likely a visor replacement) would be a must as a minimum.
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