Removing Pin Striping On Jango's Lid


I have decided to try my hand at painting a helmet so will use my spare fg (which I was not overly keen on) so it won't matter if I mess things up.

I've only ever painted pvc armour and did not do a very good job so my skills are basically zilch. I plan on using rub 'n buff which I think is straight forward enough but I want a slight Boba look to it as far as silver appearing underneath the blue goes. After doing some rubbing down I liked the effect it gave so will go the liquid mask route. Hope that makes sense.

The problem I'm having is getting rid of the pin stripes. Should I just keep sanding them or get a knife and pick it off?
After it's completed would laquer/clear coat be used on the rub 'n buff?

Thanks in advance guys.

Picture 008.jpg


From what I can gather it was fashioned from an old Don Post Boba.
A JD bucket will be my pride and joy soon so it's about time I started to learn some of these painting techniques.