Removing JB WELD

Muad Dib

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Is there any way to weaken JB Weld so it can be removed from metal?
I have a ESB Graflex that had the middle clamp broken (tension bar) and the three parts assembled with JB Weld but want to replace it with a repro clamp.

Should I just leave it as it is because the saber looks fine the way it is and you can't tell it was repaired but it bothers me that "I" know..
I've never heard of anything that can dissolve it...if there's a way to get in there and sand it off,or chip at it with say an exacto knife it might work.
The only way I've ever gotten it off was to chisel it away from the piece or use a dremel with a sanding attachment.

good luck, it aint fun!

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Worth asking about but like I said, it looks fine the way it is. You can't tell anything is wrong so I will leave it alone and be happy.
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