Removing Chrome Plating From The No. 1 Mk. 1

Scott D

New Hunter
This has been in the safe for almost 13 years now. It will eventually be an ESB version.

Has anyone here de-chromed one of these and how did you do it?

I once read that soaking it in brake fluid might work.

I have access to a bead blaster, but I was thinking that might rough up the surface.



Scott D

New Hunter
Yeah, I had seen that link. I was wondering what my fellow TDH'ers had tried.

I can tell you most of those suggestions on that page aren't any good.

Oven cleaner, brake fluid, soft drinks, bleach and sodium hydrochloride (at least the mix ratio in my caustic soda vat at work) do not work. Some of those might remove the plating off the dome of a R2-D2 action figure, but they won't strip real chrome plating off.

I ended up using the bead blaster. Worked great.


New Hunter
Nitrate based solvent containing ammonia (Hoppes #9), will attack nickel plating because it goes after the copper used in the plating process. However, I don't know if there's a way that it can be used for a complete stripping agent.