Really,Really Bad Helmets


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Just wanted to show my great 97 DP with anti-flare.




It does have one really cool feature.  Some guy from the UK signed it :)</p>

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That one cool feature makes it worth keeping! :p
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Whoa! That thing is fugly. :p

Awesome signature, though. I've only got one signed photo. Wish I had gotten my silver Boba signed...
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The range finder is nice, too! :)

It almost looks as if it's 'foldable for easy storage'...
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Sleezy wrote:

Whoa! That thing is fugly. :p

Yup....I think fugly would be the word that I would use to pretty much sum it up. Ofcourse, the signature helps to balance things out a bit. :)
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Boy, I remember when I bought one of those Mandalorian pooch muzzles on ebay a couple years ago. Had it shipped all the way from HK, too. I put it back on ebay, and some poor schmoe used Buy It Now for $75.

Too bad you can't use expanding foam to fill it out, for display.
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Rodann wrote:

Too bad you can't use expanding foam to fill it out, for display.

Why not??

Heat it up and fix the warps the best you could and buy some of that A+B expandable foam chemicals used by the model train guys that use it to make mountains and fill the bucket wiyh the stuff to hold its shape.

Alot of the guys on the board have fixed up their 97 buckets to respectable shape, it can be done.

It would look pretty good and cool.
my .02,
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Well, I really only meant it would detract from the value. It could be reshaped without something like foam to fill it, but would tend to deform. Plus, be careful not to mess up the signature when heating it- some paint pens and markers get tacky when heated.
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Iam laughing as i post this....just found this on has to be a joke! He even takes PAYPAL :lol: I would call this helmet the MYSTERY helmet #3, How did it get so flat! :lol:... Let see some more oddities!!


Either this is a gag, the seller admits it "needs work", or theyare completely clueless/apathetic.

I'm leaning towards a mix of reason 1 and 3, because the right earpiece seems to be sporting a cell phone.

I'm sure that with a little cleverly applied heat, and alot of TLC, this can turn out to be a nice passable helmet for somebody.
I'm not saying anything negative.....but for the ones that know know what I'm thinking. But just to be fair and positive especially if a team member here made it....good Job!:D(y)
That looks like one of the latex mask's that show up on ebay for $25 from time to time. If you notice the eac piece is coming off of the mask which means it is a seperate part and the hard vinyl helmets earpieces are molded directly to the helmet. And it has a tag through the cheek for crying out loud. How much is it going for right now?
Why am I walking around with my bucket when I could have something so cool as one of these! I mean.. the warp.. the crushed look.. it's just beautiful! Imagine how attractive the ladies will find you!!! :lol:
Seriously has to be the ugliest thing I have ever laid eyes upon. I think it can be summed up in one smiley: :puke
This is a soft latex helmet or mask really. Anything in soft latex is not going to be good unless it looks like a monster/alien face. The darthvader, stormtrooper look just as bad. Doesn't matter who makes it, there's not much you can do with it.
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