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Greetings Fetts,

I'm having a bit of rangefinder trouble. I had a servo installed into my Mystery helmet to run my aluminium rangefinder stalk. I got it back and it worked, but as soon as I added my Bobo LEDs, it seemed to be just a bit too heavy to raise the rangestalk back up. I know that servos can be tricky and if there's too much power you blow it, and if there isn't it doesn't work. I need your advice. I don't want to have to take out the LED's and the servo moves fine when the rangefinder is disconnected, so it's not like it's malfunctioning. Do you think it's because I'm using an aluminium stalk rather than a resin one? The aluminium one seems pretty light to me. Any help would be great. :D Thanks!

John Barrows, Jr.
Any chance the power is grounding out or short circuiting on the stalk? I always have that trouble with aluminum gizmos. Remember, aluminum conducts electricity- I sometimes forget.
Perhaps your servo doesnt have enough torque. Mine has the same problem. I just have a cheap $10 servo. Do you know what kind of servo you have? You could always buy a new high torque servo from servocity.com.
my problem is almost the same . mine goes up and down just fine , but when i bend down to look at something it goes down on it's own because the servo doesn't have the power to keep it in the up position . i guess i need a better one to .
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