Connecting Rangefinder to Servo


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I have a servo setup in my helmet, but it hasn't been working ages. One of the issues I have is that I can get the rangefinder itself to connect to the servo in a solid way. If I look down the rangefinder drops down and the connector to the servo pops out, so the whole rangefinder falls out.

I've asked around but no one ever seems to want to give up their secrets on this. It's a hollow stalk so I can't screw it in.
My stalk is semi-permanently attached to the servo connector with hot glue. Hot glue is removable with isopropyl alcohol if needed.
The connector is attached to the servo with a tiny screw, so I can detach the stalk by unscrewing it.
It's a white cylindrical piece that came with the kit I bought from BH-51512. You can see it on the images in the sales thread: For Sale - Wireless Rangefinder Servos - New v7 Nov 2021!

Edit: Here's a picture of mine.

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