Rangefinder Servo help


Hi all,

I'm currently upgrading my Jango with a BKBT bucket, and movable rangefinder. I have been trying to get my head round the R/C setup for my flamethrower buttons, and currently have it transmitting and recieving well. The problem lies with the servo itself.

I bought a cheapo R/C car in Argos, and took it apart, it has a green and a yellow wire coming out of it, which attached to the car's little motor. Now, How do I attach that to a Servo to get a bit more torque on my RF. As far as I know, the reciever board sends DC out to the motors, but the Servos require some kind of pulse via the white wire. How do I generate this?

I'm trying to get this all sorted before I leave for C4 on the 22nd. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate a PM or Skype(jangobritt) convo.

Cheers guys.

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OK, I figured that part out, I just took the electronics out of the servo and attached the reciever wires right to the high torque motor. Works like a charm. Now the problem lies with affixxing the Rangefinder Arm to the Servo. I have a couple servo horns that I'm cannibalising, but none of them seem deep enough to fill the hole in the RF, and cover the servo cog.

Anyone have any suggestions?



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What I would suggest, is that your going to have to ether extend the servo horns from the servo itself, or from the actual RF stalk. I originally had the servo thing ready for my bucket, but I still need to get a servo control chip to creat the pulses needed to make the servo work.

But just extend the servo horns, its probably best to do it from the stalk, and try to push the srvo motor as close as possible. I remember learning this from gatorfett awhile back, see if you can search for it.



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I used a servo saver epoxied to the stalk to extend the reach. The hole in the helmet/ear piece had to be enlarged but it gave me the needed reach for the servo.