Cape Quick Cape Question


New Hunter
Say that five times fast, huh? So, in reading up on the RotJ cape, I get that the accurate Army shelter half has a couple of seams. Assuming I don't use one of those, I was just going to make the cape out of olive canvas. My question: are the "seams" on the Army shelter half actual seams (i.e. two pieces of fabric sewn together) or are they just stitching? Trying to figure out how exactly one should make the cape from canvas - just cut a 30" x 36" rectangle and do the stitching, or are there actually multiple pieces that should be sewn together?

Also, I know the attachment point varies from shot to shot, but I'm assuming the button hole / grommet for connecting the cape goes in or near the corner; is there any conventional wisdom for the specific measurements of the placement?


I wish someone had answered this I had the same questions. I just bought a shelter half but my seams dont exactly match the reference. Some of my seams are functional holding 2 pieces of fabric together but others are hems at the edge.


501 CRL makes no mention of seams and it being an "actual" shelter half is a level 2 criteria so for my purposes of basic approval I think I am ok