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Firstly, I couldn't find a section which better suited this question, which is why I am posting it here. :p

Basically my question is as follows:

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about what my next project will be. I have already started a Fett, which was the first set of armor I wanted to acquire back in High School. At the time I didn't feel up to the challenge and chose to go, at that time, with a biker scout instead. My second project was Darth Revan, which turned out very well.

I feel I am finally at a point where I can gather, assemble and maintain a set of Boba Fett armor. My dilema, however, is this that I no longer am certain about whether I should carry on with Fett. I am 6'3 3/4 inches tall. Needless to say thats a bit tall for Fett, and a Scout for that matter, which I get commented on frequently. Albeit I always get compliments on the scout, which I take much pride in, since, even though I am taller than the average scout, I personally believe it is much more accurate than most others, and I always make sure that I am presenting myself as "true to life" as possible. However, at the same time I have begun to consider whether or not I want that to be what people notice. I have a different project I have been planning that better suits my height..and has only been done by one individual that I know of, but not a single one in the 501st yet... I want to know where to focus my efforts, since time will be extremely limited with my admission to West Point this it worth focusing on Fett?

I guess what I am asking (sorry for dragging it out) is what the TDH thinks about height?? Is there anyone on the boards who understands my dilema? What are your thoughts, and for anyone who is or has seen a "taller" Fett...has it taken away from the overall presentation?

I'd think that as long as the costume looks good, and the different parts are proportional to your frame, it shouldn't be a problem.

I'm 4' 1" and make a pretty decent looking Boba Fett. (y)

Actually, I'm not 4' 1". . . that's how long I've been a robber. :lol:
Like superjedi said, as long as everything is proportional, it should look fine. I'm 6'4" myself, and I'm still carrying on with this costume. The general public won't really notice that you're taller than in the movies anyway.
welcome to the dented helmet!

i'm sure you height won't be a problem for a boba fett costume. just as long as you look skinny (since he is, right?), you'll do fine.

though, i still think you would do a good Vader.
yea, thanks. i hate that! =p

Yea i figure as much. I want to do a vader...especially since I move around the country so often with the military..its a lot easier to solo as Vader.

I'll likely do one in the future...but he is NOT my favorite character by a long shot.. ;)
tb9243 said:
I've thought of vader as well...but I am not very bulky...and vader is not as interesting to me as Fett is.
Granted that Fett's the primary interest but most of the Vader suits that I've seen bulk you enough for the right look. Unless that is you want to come off looking like one of the "Power of the Force" figures where they apparently used steriods to cast them :lol:

Now I dunno if this is true or not, just a theory of mine....before Bullok was hired to play Boba, they must have had someone else putting the suit on etc as it was being developed. I have no idea when JB showed up etc or if he wore some of the early pre-pro suits. But for some reason, the pre-pro fett always seems taller to me. If you look at some of the pre-pro shots, there is like 6-8 inches between the bottom of the chest armour and the ammo belt. Like the photo kenner used for the action figures. It doesn't seem like there is that much distance between there once we see Bullok in the ESB & ROTJ suits. Maybe its just diffferences in how the suit is arrange, but It shure seems like that prepro is not JB. I could be totally wrong, but maybe since you are taller you might wanna go with a pre-pro fett????? I bet you could pull it off.
I'm a little over 6'4" and my costume looks fine. Like others have said, if the costume is in scale to your height it will work. Although having said that i've had a few Vaders get just a little annoyed at being overshadowed in the height department! I say go for the Fett!
I am in the 6' 4" area as well and as long as your suit is proportionate it should be fine.

and i always thought that the prepro fett looked taller as well


I'm 6'6, and got all ya'll beat. Too bad I can't do a Vader lol. Besides, I just really want the jango helm.

KidAkira said:
Although having said that i've had a few Vaders get just a little annoyed at being overshadowed in the height department!

i've seen that... webchief usually takes a very dramatic crouched-shooting pose with our vaders so he doesn't do that to them ;)
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