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I have been trying for some time now to make a helmet, robot and other items. I can get to the general shape using cardboard, and other items. but when it comes to finishing it off and adding detail, I am lacking the skills/knowledge and possibly the tallent.

I look at other posts, for example bigkidbiggertoys, post on new helmet under jango fourm, his model from which he will make a mold looks perfect, I am sure a testament to his skills. He mentions he used styrene, epoxy, body filler etc.

In this picture I used cardboard, and then bondo to make the top and try to round the cheek areas. I can only get so far with the bondo, should I be using body filler in stead, how do I use the styrene and get the shapes as perfect as others?


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Well I cant help much on the know how. But what I can say is that your headed in the right direction with what you have so far.
You are on the right track. Bondo is autobdy filler. Try to use thinner coats so you don't have as much sanding to do. It is easy to put on too much filler. It looks like you might need more as you are applying it but when it dries it is always too much! Also, think about purchasing a "cheese grater" type file. It is a quick way to rough in a shape while the filler has not completely cured & is still a little bit pliable.
Yes, a good RASP is your friend! Also take note, make sure your bondo is completely mixed. AND make sure that you use a little less hardner than suggested. This will give you more time to shape it and work out the "kinks" before it is cured. ;)

Good start!
Thanks everyone for the coments and encouragement. I will continue on working at it. I was having so much trouble with the bondo, I was not sure if it was the right stuff or if I was not using it correctly. I think I am mixing it correctly.

I did have a cheese greater type file, that is how I rounded the top to the level I have it. It was rather easy to use, but I still need to make templates or something to get exact symetry between the front/ back and side to side on the dome of the helmet

I was trying to use oak tag for the inital shape of the helmet, are there better alternatives, I think I need a sturder medium to work with.

I agree 100% with Fettthehuntre, about the mistakes being part of the journey
I want to start building up the ridge around the visor on the helmet. I was thinking of using the cardboard, but was worried that the cardboard would not bend smoothly around the helmet radius.Any ideas on what to use?
Could he use a good heavy duty blow dryer (the industrial kind, I think of Spaceballs everytime I say that) or a heat gun for a small project like that?
This sounds like a great Idea. I have read in the fourms about sintra, but have not tried anything with it yet. I will check with my local plastic supplier to see if they have or can order it
I have been checking on line, I looked at plastics company who want to sell 4x8 foot sheets, for 150 and up. I checked Ebay, but did not find anything of use there (some guy was selling 4inch circles of the stuff).

Any other ideas of where to buy some small quanity of the stuff? They say it is used for sign making, i was thinking of checking with a sign place in town.

I tried a couple sign places in my area, but they did not sell raw sheets of sintra. They did recommend that I try the yellow pages for a plastics supplier. I looked in the book and found a place a couple miles from my house under the Plastics - Raw Materials, Powders, Liquids, Resins, etc. category. I was able to get a scrap sheet about 4'x4' for $10.00.

So try the yellow pages, you may get lucky. (y)

Good luck.
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