Project: BF Jet Pack Harness


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Project: BF Jetpack Harness

After getting Bobamakers excellent Jet Pack, I thought I would work on making a screen accurate harness.

I started with this rough draw:


I based the measurements on the various photo references of the prop, measurements off my Jet Pack, size of the actual US Diver belt used, and some educated guesses.

I also scribbled some harness ideas, based on what I see in the pics, and what I can obtain from my sources.

This is what I had made up in AutoCad:


Now - I am working on making it...

I all ready have the round bar stock, bending it to make the curve.

(Hint: put sand inside the hollow tube and seal the ends, it makes bending it easier, less prone to crack or crimp)

If you want a rotating 3d model of this - go to this site and get the Edrawings viewer. Make sure you get the autocad add on.

click on the "Free Edrawings Program" button on the right.

It's free, and allows you to see the following file, if you don't get this program, you will not be able to use it...

The 3D Drawing:

(Please only download the DWG if you intend on making the harness, help save my bandwidth!)

The Autocad DWG (with dimensions):


I will post more pictures of the actual buildup as I do it - stay tuned!

(feel free to use this as you want, just give me credit for it!)
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fixed a dimension on the dwg file - was missing the width on the brown bar...

To answer some questions:

U bar will be steel, hollow core. (tube)

Cross members will be steel, .03" thick - tack welded.

"D" rings will be made out of wire stock, with the gap soldered (which will be under the plate holding it to the frame)

Frame bar (the brown one in the pic) will be made out of steel, .03" thick, but I may try aluminum to see what works better. The original one looks like it has a bit of "play" to it.
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I have all the metal for it, just no time atm..

Work is a demanding fiend in my life.

I hope to finish this up before christmas - I have some vacation time coming.
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I scratch built a harness, much like you are doing, making it as close (as with in reason) to the reference photos, etc. But when it was all said and done, it looked awesome, but was very uncomfortable to wear and somewhat unstable. In order for the bottom of the JP to fit on the bracket, it had to be loose up top, which meant the top of the JP would hang out away from the back plate. If you tightened the top, than bottom would pop out if you bent down at all… I than resorted to zip-tying the JP to the harness every time I would wear it.
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Oh - i'm just making this for the static display, not for trooping...

I'm not into self-inflicting pain :>
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That harness looks somewhat similar to the harnesses you would find on the ruck sacks the military uses, just something I noticed.

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That harness looks somewhat similar to the harnesses you would find on the ruck sacks the military uses, just something I noticed.


I noticed that too, saw one at a garage sale few months ago. Probably should have picked it up. You can get them pretty cheap
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I gotta echo what Saxe said. I made one as well that was very similar to what you are working on. Looked super cool & actually held the JP in place very well. BUT, the thing dug into my back so bad that I could only stand to wear it for an hour. However, since you won't be trooping in it, it should be pretty cool. Look forward to seeing what you come up with.
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The frame is too often neglected when building a Fett. I for one would love to see this project turn out....please post some pics of your progress!(y) (y)
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Sorry for lack of updates, last part of 2006 was time-crunched and I was not able to work on any of my hobbies.

I plan on getting back on track in the next few weeks, and will be posting more on this.

with pictures!
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