Probing Interest in combined Leather bolo order for girth belts?

Thanks guys for the payments. I figured some people would need till payday in a few days and then hopefully we'll get a few more in.

Also, I have them sending me a sample so we can make sure this stuff is good to go before we order.

Thanks again,

EDIT: Since I'm doing a small run on the girth belts and multiple orders have come in, I can afford to decrease the price to $250. Everyone who's sent in a payment will get a small refund coming their way.

EDIT #2: If there's anyone who needs a few more yards than 25 because they need to make a longer belt, no problem we'll work something out.

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Hi! New to TDH here, but been working on a Jango for about 2 years now. Belt is one of the last things I have left. Do you still have room in your order for me to jump in? Sounds like a great deal.
Ok guys, the bolo sample should be here around Thursday. I'll post a pic once it's arrived and place the order via a Western Union money transfer if everything's acceptible. I just found out yesterday I can now get as much material as we need on this order so any last minute orders need to come in over the next two days. The list will close once the order is placed either Friday or Saturday.

Updated 4/11:

Here is the paid order list for bolo:
  1. Foxbatkllr-25 yrds-paid
  2. Benkenove-50 yrds-paid
  3. Brad1957-25 yrds-paid
  4. acyang-25 yrds-paid
  5. Buckeye_01-25 yrds-paid
  6. Loanstar-50 yrds-paid
  7. Jango Newbie-25 yrds-paid
  8. Maniacman7-25 yards-paid
  9. FettFanatic-25 yards-paid
  10. Bountys Hunted-25 yards-paid
Here is the paid order list for girth belts:
  1. Darksaber212-paid
  2. reveal1vader-paid
  3. Hakaider-paid
  4. Jango Wes-paid and then some
  5. slavefive
  6. renoine-kid girth-paid
  7. The Dented One-paid
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Ok, I received the samples yesterday. Here are the results. Note that the top sample is the same material as the one underneath it after being wiped with some acetone. I've already sent an email asking if the dark brown one can be made without the brown glossy paint finish. It is a very thin finish, so it could be taken off with a few wipes of some acetone on a rag...or left on for that matter, but still I wanted to see if we could get a dark brown bolo without the paint finish.

Let me know your thoughts. These pics were taken this morning in the garage under a hologen shop light and with a flash but the colors came out pretty accurately. I'll shoot an outdoor pic later today and post it.


DUDE, don't remind me!
I know I could go for a jog right now...but a Strawberry Nirvana from Jamba Juice sounds much better!:lol:

If you think you might need some, better tell me now, cuz once I place this order (probably Monday) then "esta todo!" This company's 500 yard minimum order stinks!
All right guys, this is the "last call".

The order will be placed tomorrow afternoon for the dark brown sample seen at the top of the pic above (sans the brown paint finish). No more orders for material will be accepted after that.

Gah....been busy and forgot to get around to sending any money to get in on this. Did you place the order? If so, that's cool. Just remember me if anybody backs out or decides they don't want the material anymore.
Ok guys, order's been placed and now we wait....:)

EDIT: She replied that she will push to have the order filled in 20 days.:thumbsup:
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Just an small update:

I got an email today saying the order will be ready to ship in approximately 1 week.

And I still haven't received payment for two of the rolls they are now up for grabs!
First come, first served.
PM me if interested.

I'd love to be able to chip in for 25 yards for my girth belt right now but sadly I'm still trying to get my Jeep running as the time to pop off the hard top is rapidly approaching. I may have to settle for the cheaper quality (and price) bolo from a local wholesaler I see at a flea market twice a year...I was just curious how you guys color the bolo to match-paint or dye it? I'm doing a Jango styled belt for my custom and wanted to color the bolo to go along with the rest of my color scheme. Seems that someone told me that you can buy a dye for fabrics that can be sprayed from an airbrush. Would that work or do you have other methods? Thanks.

You can dye leather with just about anything you can dye cotton with. And some finishes on leather is painted on, so you can even use spray paint. All depends on what kind'a finish you want.:thumbsup:

Still one roll left for anyone who wants it!
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