Probing Interest in combined Leather bolo order for girth belts?


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Hey guys,

I'm in need of some leather bolo material for a small run of Jango girth belts. Would anyone here be interested in getting in on a small order of natural finish (no paint this time) 4-ply 6mm bolo material from the same supplier in India that we used last year?

So far, it is the best quality of bolo I've seen and would use. If you are picky in your leather like me, there was only one thing that could be improved on, and that was their "splices". So I'm in communications with them right now to see if they can make improvements in their fabrication process.

If their sales policy hasn't changed, a minimum order would have to be 300 yards. I could buy most of it, but of course I'll make room for other members here if people were interested. On the last order, a 25 yard roll (enough to do one average sized belt) ran members about $60-$70 shipped in the U.S., if I'm not mistaking. So we're probably looking at around the same pricing give or take a few dollars.

Chime in here if there's interest and I'll get the ball rolling if so.(y)

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gotcha Wes. Were you wanting me to make one for her as well, or were you looking for just the material?

Good to hear from you buddy. Hope the girth belt is treating you well.

:) Gotcha. I remember reading about your expected duty assignment in the other thread. As a veteran myself, I wish I was going with ya bro. Although I've been out for almost 13 years, my sense of National duty has never left me and I find myself wishing I was there "fighting the good fight" with all of the brave men and women serving in Iraq. I know you'll make us proud.(y)
Well, to be honest, that's enough interest. So let me see if I can get an exact price for us on an improved quality cord.

Also, I probably need to address this, but I've been asked by a few people why I'm not using the bolo from the Leather Man(Steve). I received a small order of bolo material from him for a girth belt dfett has asked me to make. There was a quality issue with the center core being exposed throughout the rope, so it's being looked at right now by Steve. Steve's been great to work with so far, so if he can solve the problem, then I'd be more than happy to go with his product. However, if it can't be resolved, then I'll have to go with the India supplier for any girth belts I'd make.

I could post a review and pics if members wanted to see what I was talking about.

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Thanks guys, I'll get a possible interest list started soon.

I heard from my contact with the India supplier and she said they can improve the splice areas of their cord so that the same thickness problem didn't happen on a new order. Also, I discovered one of my rolls was made out of brown softer leather and not the tan colored tooling leather that all my other rolls were made of, so I've asked if they can make the order out of brown leather. It would be more like the original belt which is braided from approximately .8-1mm thick brown leather that seems to be then stained a dark cordovan like color. If anyone sees something differently in the pics from the reference cd, let me know.

I haven't heard back from Steve yet.
Thanks for the interest and I'll keep everyone updated,
The latest guys is that she quoted me a price of 800 Euros for 500 yards, shipped and reaching my door within 25 days. The last order took about 30 days or maybe a little more and she told me the same thing.:lol:

I'm trying to see if they can make the braid out of brown stained leather similar to the braid seen used on the belt from the ref. cd. I'm also trying to see if they can improve the splice areas by staggering them instead of clumping them in one area.

Here's a pic they sent me, and I asked if they can make it lighter and improve the splices. I'm just waiting to see what they say.


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