Pre-Pro sholder bell symbol


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Is the skull logo on the pre-pro boba different that the one on the other versions? If so does anyone have a really good pic of it and/or know where I can get one?
I made this up this morning:D
What do you think?
Lookin' good there bud,

Looking at some of the other pics of it in my chronicles book though, I'd say that the symbol itself needs to be wider . . the head isn't quite that oblong I don't think.

Thanks Robert and Predatormv:D
Ego, how does this look, I just widened it in photoshop. I also changed the area around the "nose" as I looked closer at the pics.
Once again, you da man Ely! Any pre-pro Fetts out there will be happy to have you around...of course, we're all pretty lucky you're here :)

By the way, thanks for the decals you've sent my way...they are GREAT!!!

You get Jer Stamp Of Approval on that one now! (for whatever the hell that's worth! hahaha)

Looks sweet buddy!

Wish I was doing a prepro so I could use one!

Looks great for all the pre-pro guys out there.I just noticed the similarity between the insignia on the top of the skull,and the chest decal symbol.Does anyone else see it ?

Yup, that's one of the first things I noticed. I used the same symbol from my chest emblems and just made a couple of modifications: shortened the bottom and lengthened the left "T".
Does this actually stand for something?

By the way, I made a couple already for Predatormv, and if anyone else is interested, PM me.

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