Boots Prada alternatives- think these work?


I don't think any of us are meaning to belittle any previous work done by you that have 501st approved costumes. There was no intentional jab. For myself, I've spent quite a bit and I know it'll be more as I can't make certain parts. But for those who are currently working on this diligently (even if it's slowly coming along), we're bouncing ideas around in hopes of finding things that maybe haven't been thought of before. And as much as I've scoured over the threads here and at TBG, sometimes useful things are out now that maybe weren't available 10 years ago. Discussions help us out. I'm learning alot that I never thought I'd be doing (leather sewing), just as the newer zam buidlers are doing too.

I guess those who've been there and done that might get a little frustrated (or not) by the thoughts put out there, but if we don't at least get ideas and opinions from others, we don't really get far.
Youre thoughts and opinions in any honor, but getting the real deal is always better then getting alternatives. And if the real deal is still available, why not get it. It might not be available in your size immediately, but it will be for sure.

There are so many parts of the costume that might require your thoughts and opinions, but not the boots!

And if you don't know how the boots look like. This is what you ar elooking for:
USED PRADA 3301 EU 37.5 Double Gore Oiled Leather Vibram Pull-On Ankle Boots 6M | eBay


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I'm a little late in this thread, but wondering if there are any more insights into the boots? I've tried searching eBay, but am coming up with nothing with the right style boot at this time, not in any sizes. Any recent Zammers that have found correct soled shoes/boots?