Boots Prada alternatives- think these work?


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Hey all!
I'm really not in the budget range for Prada, but I did manage to find these.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 9.52.41 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 9.52.47 PM.png

Compare to the originals...

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 9.56.32 PM.png

I actually like them more than the Pradas! A little more 'lets go curb stomp some people' than a designer cut has. They have the right sole and ankle style. What do you guys think?
I think they look OK. But to be sure, contact your GMO what he says. He is the one to approve your costume.

What I don't get: When we were looking for the boots they went really cheap on ebay. Like 30-50$. You'll have to have patience to find a regular auction in your size. But as the costume in general takes long time to build, why not?


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Yeah, how did they go up in price so much!? Now I find them for $180, minimum. Much more common to find them around $250. It's crazy.


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Buy now. I looked up "Chelsea Boot" and it was listed as "Bass Leather Chelsea Gore Ankle Boot"
They were about $25, so if I can make them work that's a steal!

Shoes are surprisingly malleable. I know from a high heel obsession ;) I'm thinking I'll fill in those chunky soles with something durable, then cut the proper indent style in myself. Shouldn't look bad if I'm careful.
I was asking for the Prada boots. Because those Buy now auctions for over 200$ existed then too.
We searched for used ones and auctions.

The only search term was Prada boots/ankleboots/bootee

All we needed then was patience...and some luck


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Oh, duh. Sorry
I've been perusing the used section since April. Maybe more patience, you're right. Until one appears I'll see what I can do with these guys.
Anything else you can suggest? The soles...paint of course...make sure the ankle/toe guards will fit properly...

These original Prada boots cost £400 when new, so what does that make in US dollars?

You can find them occasionally on ebay. I got two pairs, of which the first pair I kept myself and second went with the costume. I think I paid £50 for both, not bad price and that was about seven years ago as they were the first part I got ready for the costume. Been keeping eye on them here and then since, if I could find another pair, but with no luck.

Those boots you got there, look great and also you don't need to paint them. Fingers crossed you can get them cleared. :)


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I'm looking into getting them made for my small shoe size.

Friend of mine asked why you couldn't just hash out the pattern on a workboot. Anyone tried this?


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Hi there,

I think that you must be patient and buy Prada boots, sometimes put on auction Prada shoes used, I bought mine on ebay.

The sole of the boot in the first picture is different from the sole of the boot Zam and the front of the original boot has a square shape.

Good luck.


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When I got my boots --- way back when, they cost me something like $250 US. I bought them off of eBay. It about killed me to cut them up and start working on them. Sold them off when I parted out my costume last year.

You just need to be patient with eBay when looking for the right boots. I would look for something close (and cheap) for the short-term. But keep my eyes open for the right boots and be willing to pay for the the long term.


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Has anyone looked at something like a paddock boot? Browsing State Line Tack and Ariat and they have some boots that look miiight work but I am just starting in my research so I just don't know enough.


I got mine for $50 USD from an Ebay seller.

I'd almost think that when the CRL is finally approved, they might give options for a different make of shoe with a similar tread a viable choice. Especially since this shoe seems to have such a specialty type tread, which isn't exactly a classic style you'd see on any old shoe. Can you imagine trying to make this costume 30 years from now if Prada went belly up and no more of these things?


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They're kind of challenging to find, but you can get lucky. I suggest continuously checking eBay while you put together all the other parts.


I bought a different boots, and I have to work on the sole to change it. I think CRL should say something like "Prada style", just like stormtroopers with the chelsea boots. The model is not in shops, and Zammers depending on ebay is not a good future


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I just found 3 pairs of reasonably priced, normal sized accurate Prada boots on ebay after literally 5 minutes of looking. There is absolutely no need to short change the costume by getting inaccurate soled boots.

This is NOT a budget costume if you're looking for something 501st approved. If you just want to cosplay at your local convention and be a bright purple bounty hunter, nobody will stop you. But since it still seems very easy to find the right boots, I see no need to lower the standards.
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