New Zam in these parts.


New Hunter
Hey everyone! I've been checking out this board for a while now, but am just now posting :D So, I've decided to make a Zam, to go along with my friend's Jango! We're both WIP at the moment.....
I was wondering if you guys know if people still make certain parts of her costume, ie helmet, gauntlets, etc? I'm afraid those are out of my skill range.... :cry
Hopefully I can have some progress pics up here soon enough! My goal is to be finished by SDCC '13, wish me luck haha.
Good luck! I'm working on getting started as well, I've teamed up with people from the local costumers guild and 501st. If you find anyone that's gonna cast anything for Zam please let me know and I shall do the same :) Can't wait to see all the finished product on the costume :)
Hey everyone, thanks for the welcome! It's been a while, but I finally made some progress, it's a miracle! :p
I made a template for just the chest plates of her armor, and finally printed them out today and did a test cut out. I'm going to use a trash can for it, because they're cheap and hopefully won't look too bad when painted and such!


What does everyone think? Does it looks mostly accurate? It's just a test, so any comments/tips would be appreciated before I cut out the real thing! :D
Those look good! Make sure you narrow them from the top outside to the bottom... they don't go straight down, they have a bit of angle to the outside edge... and also a tad more rounded scoop to the inside bottom cut. Way to go! Show us more!!

Seattle Zam
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