Post your costume weapons here!

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Post your custume weapons here!

title says it all. just want to get some idea's for my own arsanel and just to see a lot of great weapons.:cheers
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Dha Syntir

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Here's my latest blaster. It's a Nerf PM series variant which turned out better than I expected although I'm not done weathering it yet however...




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here are my custom weapons
first is my sniper rifle

the same weapon but in a short range mode

my back rifle (attaches to my back armor plate)

and my side arm

Dha Syntir

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Looks cool. Is that some kind of rotary blaster or something? I've got the plans on how to make one of those but haven't gotten around to making my own-yet. Earlier I was referring to the (I believe) rifle that attaches to your back. That's the one I really, really liked alot and was wondering how you created it. Is it totally built from scratch or did you just have to add to a smaller toy rifle or airsoft etc? I've been searching for a similar way to build a sniper rifle that's tiny and fragile looking-like a Verpine shatter-gun... "They don't bounce" pretty much sums up how delicate they are!!!



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I think i know what rifle you talking about is it the one an arc trooper had, look like a mini aircraft flank gun?


Base of my rifle, Nerf Firefly with just a mini gun barrels attached or will be tomorrow. Basically my mando idea is going to be a Support/Heavy Trooper.

Dha Syntir

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There ya go-I'd love to make (or have the skill to make) a blaster rig like that one. I have a tutorial somewhere I think on how to make a similar rotary blaster like that with a cordless drill(thrashed and unuseable in the future though) to turn the barrels etc...



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Not finished but this is my custom ill be finishing up this week, just a quick photoshop on how ill look in the end :D

Actually, this gives me an idea for my own armor. I wanted to make a rotary blaster that could be held one handed, and this certaintly works. might try something ab it different, but that looks great!

Dha Syntir

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Seems to me that I found a really decent tutorial on making one of these monsters, but I'm not exactly certain where. I think it was HV&M's blasters etc section on their forum, but don't quote me on that. I'll try and find it for you when I get a chance...And it really didn't cost a great deal to make, nor was it an overly complicated build. I actually thought I could do a good job on it, and that doesn't happen that often so you can be sure it's fairly idiot proof! :lol: