possibly the coolest Nerf gun converted to custom mando weapons


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Oh man, I saw this at Target last night and got SO excited! I just had to have it, so I bought it for $30. On the way home, I was thinking about how cool it would be to paint it (rather than keep the orange an purple colors), and use it for my custom Mando.

When I got home, I Googled it to find a good picture to post for my friends on the forums... and guess what site came up? Hehe, guess you guys have already discovered it. =P

Has anyone figured out a good way to get the forward pistol grip off without breaking anything yet? I put mine on at first, not realizing that it wasn't meant to come back off, and now Im afraid to push the plastic too ahrd trying to remove it.

The forward pistol part definitely does make a cool barrel entension and grenade launcher attachment) as that pump under the mizzle does actually work to cock the pistol, and the dart for the pistol goes into the lower barrel, just like a grenade launcher...


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Broken I just pushed it really REALLY hard till it poped off now it did not break or anything but thats not to say it wont in your case.
BTW here is my completed LS after weathering. I am thinking about adding some LED's (blinking and non blinking)


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You can get the front handle off if you open it up, you have to take the pump action handle off first, loosen the screws and you can open it to get the handle out . Just make sure not to lose any parts (the spring).

Duran Lomax

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I decided to keep the handle on, and use the pistol as another weapon; I attached a hose into the barrel chamber on the back of the gun. Attach it to a jet pack, and you have a wicked-looking flamethrower.

Dha Syntir

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Yeah I've been working on mine for about three months, but still haven't gotten around to finishing it. I instantly hacked off the front pistol/grenade launcher as I thought it made it cartoonish looking and less realistic,and impractical-at least in my eyes were I thinking as an elite commando. Mine will end up as the CS-6 blaster but will have a sniper attachment and scope, kind of like the DC17 has the sniper/grenade launcher attachments used when needed, but mostly kept tucked away making the weapon system less unwieldy.Here's a pic of the CS-6 and a few of my other unfinished Nerf projects. However now that so many folks have started using the CS-6 that I wonder if it's time to find something different. :facepalm Perhaps a highly modified EE-3, hmmm...



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totally going to see if there are any of these at my local toys r us (im in the uk) it says they sell them on the web...so uk people i'll keep you all posted....wish me luck!

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i am using a nerf gun with a light in it..so when i nudge on the trigger it shines the light..and i know my friend josh uses taht huge nerf gun for his master chief costume