Please confirm Pouch sizes (again)


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Hi all

as the title suggests i need someone to confirm that both the hip pouches and the thigh pouches are approx 6"x8"x1".

I have lookd through past threads are they seem to only point to the sizes of the hip pouches.

Sorry to bring this one up again :eek:


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I'll let you know as soon as my BM hip pouches arrive, but the thigh pouches on my BM flightsuit are 6.5"x8"x2".


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I had a look but can not seem to find dimensions:confused :confused :confused

I have at the moment gone for the 6"x8"x1" they seem to be ok. I will post pics once i have finished the sewing (i dont have a sewing machine so all is hand sewn)
thewatcher said:
Why not check tk409 website for the sizes


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I dunno if this helps, but i resized this so i could upload for you to see, PM me for the original where you can have the actual dimensions.