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Hi all,

I know that the standard plastic used is Sintra, but i have been offered a couple of sheets of Coroplast, i dont know anything about it and was wondering if its close to Sintra(PVC plastic) or is it completly differnt and wont work for making armor? Any help or advice would be appreciated

The coroplast I have seen wouldn't be suitable for Fett armor. The reason everyone uses sintra is because it is easy to thermoform & shape. I don't think coroplast has these same properties & you would spend a lot of time filling the corrugated edges.
Thanks all

I recived an email from the supplier and once i had explained to him what i wanted to do with it, they said that it was not even close to what i was looking for. So i guess i have to keep looking for someone in the area who will sell me some sintra

Thanks again
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