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Woohoo, Im stoked, arnt you!!! Anyway here it is! Heres what i know, I got it from Ruffkin, though he didnt make it, said he had an extra one around so lucky me! I figure i should do all the cutting and what not before i paint. So as you can see the pics i need to make my access panel. I had a question on how you guys/gals did the straps? Heres my two ideas (see pic) i think the second one will be easier though im worried the piece inbetween might not be strong enough. If these pics dont make sense I apologize....Also I was thinking of putting a camel the pack....and running a hose though my armor/vest/coveralls, up into my bucket for sweet sweet h2 O and no one would know!!!!!!! So basically, the red is where i would cut the access panel....the green is the straps and the blue for the camel hose. All in all i need all the help i can get! Im still debating on what order to paint it.




strap diagram copy.jpg
You might want to take the straps inside the pack and glue or rivit it to the inside of the pack and let the straps just come threw the hole instead of all the weight at the holes.

Depending on your Jet Pack weight I can tell you, you do not want any added weight to your pack as its complety on your neck and shoulders. 4 hours with a 5 pound pack is enough much less adding a water canteen into it.

The side pouches would be a better place for that me thinks.

Anyway good luck.
Katua Fett, man I finally figured out who it was that pm'd me about these things, you. Check out my thread about the footman loops and let me know if you still need a pair.

Or that, you can probably also gorrilla glue the straps in there. That stuff is like, well glue, actually more like cement, that stuff is super strong.

I went the movie route and attached hooks to the outside back of the jet pack and reinforced with straps to hold its weight from the inside.
Use the things Cruzer is talking about either glue them or fiblerglass them to the bottom of the jet pack then run the straps up and out the holes. That is the way that the MLC packs come.
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