Pics of ESB vs. ROTJ


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Pics of ESB vs. ROTJ Helmets

Now that my Jango is almost done I am going to start my Boba. Would somebody post pics of the ESB and ROTJ helmets? I can tell the difference between everything else but the helmet. I am looking at the pics that Braks has from MoM and AoSW. I was told that the helmets where switched.

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you cant tell the different between the ROTJ and ESB one? that is a question not an insult. IF not I can tell you.


There isn't any value in continuing to state one's helmet preference in this thread. Let's stick to the original topic, which was simply pictures comparing the ESB and Jedi helmets. :)
Hey dudes...
I'm getting a blank bucket soon and will do the ESB colours simply because its the one I have the most reference pics for.
That aside it's simply a matter of preferance of course,I'm even toying with the idea of weathering it my own way,after all there's nothing to say that some other Mandalorian didn't go down the bounty hunters path and got kicked about on the way....
Thats becuase its the ESB helmet on a ROTJ suit. There is no reference pictures of the ESB suit just the helmet, because the ROTJ suit was the only museum display, the ESB has yet to grace any museum or tour.
Touch what up? Its the same exact suit that is in the ROTJ only the ROTJ helmet has been removed and the ESB helmet has been put in its place, there is nothing else different.
Crap man, I've been using a kids book called 'I am a bounty hunter' ......and I now also have a ROTJ suit and a ESB lid. oh well looks good anyway :jet pack
Is that a dull black on the upper cheeks of the Empire strikes back helmet ?
or is it a dark green ... My eyes are not very good with colour :)


:jet pack
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