Perhaps a new fastening method...


Nicholas Wolfwood

I just tried securing a visor using ultra-sticky aluminum tape... From what I can see, it's great: secure, yet removeable incase of damage. Has anyone else tried this, and if so, is it a viable method for long-time use?
hmm... i think its a great idea! Aluminium tape? is it like duct tape? post some pics! haha...

i jave not yet glued my visor on, and am sure open to better ideas! and its more replaceable and yet not so cumbersome like screwing it in...
Here's a pic for you. It's not like duct tape, it's increidbly sticky thin aluminum sheeting, used for plumbing. You can pick it up cheap at hardware stores, so it could be worth a try...

I've got some in my shop.I'll give it a shot since I was looking into a tape method.That aluminum tape is sticky as hell,so it should work nicely.

Heck... Just Bondo it! It's the cure all!!! Just kidding! ;)
Original idea, I haven't tried it... maybe on my next bucket???? Hmmm..
hymm..its those kind to hold plumbing works together and supposedly prevent leaks as well huh?

if it could prevent pressure leaks, i hell sure think it will hold the visor...i will give it a try!

erm..question...if its sticky as hell, wun it leave "sticky tracks" if i remove 'em???
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