Pastel powder tips?


OK in the tutorial at for the esb Steve the Swede says,

Making Boba - The Ultimate ESB Helmet
A Tutorial by Steve the Swede

Pic 4: The kill stripes been added. They were masked with air brush film and liquid latex. The color used was "Polly scale UP Armor yellow". Then the entire helmet was dusted with black pastel powder to make the colors "deeper". Some prefer washes but I've always loved to work with pastel. The kill stripes was also dusted with red pastel powder and they will receive a second dusting later on.

I was wondering if anyone has any tips on the application of the "black pastel powder". I am going topical like the tutorial until I get to the back of the helmet. So I am wondering if dullcoteing after the main colors are on is before I use pastel on the kill stripes (red) and over the whole bucket (black).

Does anyone have any tips on how to apply pastel or where to get it...
Also what are the benefits that users have seen...problems?

And also where to get, "Windsor & Newton's masking fluid" and any tips with that...

Thanks...I start painting sunday and I want a good showing...


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One thing I discovered while using the topical painting method is that after you get your silver scratches painted. Spray it with a coat of GLOSS Clear Coat. After it dries, THEN give it a coat of DULL COTE. The gloss will preserve the evenness of the silver, where as if you spray DULL COTE directly over your silver scratches it will reveal your brush strokes that were previously undetectable.


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Another important note when using pastels: they will show fingerprints like MAD! so make sure you're careful how you're handling the piece when brushing on the pastels. You don't want it to wind up looking like a crime scene exhibit. :D