First Build-help and tips


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Hello there :D
I've started with my own mandalorian costume-the helmet at first.
It was a quite failure.
You will be able to see it in the pictures.
What could I do next time?
I'd be very pleased if you can help me.


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Welcome Daniel, do you have photos of your work we could critique you on? It will help us help you a lot quicker.


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Beginning.JPG 331.JPG I made the cheekbone out of thin cardboard-that from the kellogs package
338.JPG 337.JPG 341.JPG than I wanted to make paper machee from the inside, but I could't hold the shape of the helmet so it broke down.

for the next try I want to use a kind of thin but flexible and strong cardboard and put a layer of spackle outside (and maybe fiberglass inside)

do you have tips for me?
I'd be very thankful :D
You can put a larger piece of cardboard on the inside of the cheek which will give more surface area for the cheek and mandibles to attach to. Also, I would suggest finishing the helmet before reinforcing it. It will allow the pieces to flex and work together to get the correct shape. Once finished, I used a combination of bondo and resin (AKA rondo) to cover the inside of the helmet and smooth out the sharp angles on the inside. Finally a layer of fiberglass and resin for a strong structure.


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I bought some big cardboard sheets which are a bit thicker than the cardboard I already used. I'm going to try building the whole helmet with that and put a layer of spackle outside :D hope that will work :lol:
I'll show you the results soon :D


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036.JPG 035.JPG

Now I finished the basic shape. Think it came out quite well.:D
What do you think? What should I do next?


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It looks like you've found yourself a template, but if not then go with wizardofflight's or rafalfett template from the scratch build thread sticky.

I would also strongly recommend you study how Antman did his in this thread .

Also if you're going for screen helmet accuracy use rafalfett's v2 templates...otherwise I think wizardofflight's are a tad bit easier to understand, but off on some of the dimensions. I discovered this after I was far too into my scratch build to go back.... I'm still happy with the end result.

For construction you really want .0625" to 2mm (.08") thick sold cardboard like frame matting or book binding material. I reinforced my interior with fiberglass matte and resin. The dome and cheeks were smoothed out and shaped with bondo.

It took me 5 months to get my helmet looking like I wanted it to so don;t give up!


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Thank you for your answers!
I used wizardofflight's templates which I found quite good.
And thanks for your tip ToEleven :D That really helped me
I'll cut out the cheeks and show you my results soon;)
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That's what I got so far : 013.JPG 012.JPG 010.JPG 011.JPG

I think it came out not too bad. Could be better but I will work with that ;D
To fill the gaps I will use lightweight spackle and sand it after it is dry.
Do you think that's gonna work or do you suggest doing it differently? :confused


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I was just too excitet about building the dome so I started with it. :D
026.JPG 027.JPG

What do you think about that?

And I've got a question.
Does anyone know what to do there to make it smooth?:confused


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It looks like you're trying to bear down too hard with the razor blade and cut it through in the 1st pass. Take your time...use many cuts over the same line going more slowly and bearing down with less pressure.

The best way I've found to clean up a rough cut edge is to glue a piece of sand paper to a small piece of wood to make a sanding block. Then just sand the edge until it flattens out. A file may work as well. The point is you can't just use your fingers or the sandpaper will just follow the contour of the wavy cut line.


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I finished the dome :D
But well, it came out soo ugly that I'm not even sure whether to show it or not :lol:
It has a loooot of gaps and I'm not so sure what to do there


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Yes I will try that. Thank you :D
Should I sand it now or after I put the spackle on?:confused
The sanding block tip was in response to your question about the uneven cut lines and what I've done in the past to deal with those issues. You definitely don't want to sand your dome, cheeks, etc until you've applied bondo.

As far as the gaps and imperfections are concerned, you may need to spread bondo over the areas and resand. It takes a LOT of sanding and filling to get it looking good...especially if you're a newbie like myself. :$


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As with what ToEleven said, don't try and cut with one pass, multiple ( careful) passes is best and helps stop the ripping, also a sharp blade is a must. They do get blunt fast so either sharpen with a knife sharpening stone/Steele or snap of a new blade if your using that type. I tend to resharpen my blade as you can easily go through a lot in one build. Another thing that can be useful is a set of French curves (ruler set) in metal if possibly as you can inadvertently cut into plastic ones, this just helps with cutting those rounded edges, but if freehand is working that's fine too.