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Hey everyone, I've finaly come to the realisation that I, in fact, cannot paint my armor to make it look realistic. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good painting tutorials for battle damage and general weathering.

If you dont know any tutorials, but have some good ideas or a process that works well, I'de be glad to hear your thoughts on that too.
What have you tried? And what kind of results have you been getting?
I've used several different methods on my helmet and armor, including airbrushing, brush painting, and even sponge painting.
Depending on what effect you're trying to achieve, they're all pretty useful in different situations.
One outstanding reference which I studied religiously before painting my bucket was
Look under 'tutorials' on the left hand side and prepare to let your jaw hit the floor! :lol:
One thing I find myself doing is studying 'Real World' objects when I'm out at work or driving through town. Things like old cars, rusty trailers, old propane tanks, old work trucks. Look at how the paint chips off and how the rust develops...things like that help get the creative juices flowing! Another idea since you are doing a custom is to look up pictures of island chains, like The Solomons or the Aelutians, and mimic those as the shape of your dents and dings. Just my two.
i havent painted my mandalorian, but i do L.A.R.P. armor, and weathering makes it look great. weather as in like what the sandtroopers do. for instance, having lots of little scratches and stuff looks really cool, but if you add some dusty looking stuff to it, it looks alot better if you ask me...but ive only been costuming 2 years so i dont know that much lol, not to mention ive only done 1 star wars costume other then my mandalorian im working on now
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