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Can someone tell me how does it looks like, I mean, how is the bottle, how big is it, and where can I find it? And please, don't tell me that looks "LIQUID" :) Just need this to start painting my bucket soon, and I'm planning to go on a trip (Basically to look for a "Home Depot") with my wife. Can I find this there?
You're better off going to a hobby store like Michaels - I doubt a Home Depot would have it.

Comes in a small bottle and . . I hate to say it . . it's filled with liquid! :)

I PM'd one of the board members who helped make an amazing helmet with a friend. I have not purchased it but here was the reply if it helps. I think it will give you the same effect

Oh, We used Elmer's rubber cement from Wall-Mart between layers of paint, and built up the different colors. after the paint was dry, the rubber cement was peeled off, exposing the different layers. Finally, it was touched up with a fine point silver pen, and "dusted" in areas with flat black and grey.
I was also thinking of using rubber cement, or the like. Maybe I'll try that method...

If you decide to go with Liquid Mask, I bought my bottle at a HobbyTownUSA. The bottle is about three inches tall, with a maroon label and light blue stuff inside. If you ask the people that work the store, they know exactly what Liquid Mask is, and for what it's used.
:) Thanks guys. That's what Bounty Hunting is all about!!! I've never thought of the Elmer's rubber glue at all, which makes it easier to find and probably cheaper than the real deal.

Another thing can I get promoted here??? I'm a SGT(Sergeant) in the Active Army at Fort Polk, Louisiana and I feel kinda weird being not even a PRIVATE (PVT), but worse than that....NOVICE!!! Man, I feel like a dirty tatered rag here.. :p
I call latex rubber "liquid mask". You can buy it at a hobby shop/craft store. I bought a 16 fl. oz. bottle (Woodland Scenics)for around $10, there were clear ones in really small bottles for around $3-4. It smells like ammonia:puke but not too bad.
The one I have is a paste consistency and can be applied with a brush, etc. It dries clear if you use a thin coat, thicker coats dry with a yellowish tint. You can paint over it when dry and if the application was thick enough, you can peel it right off.
This is what I used in masking off the battle damage on my helmet.

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Good luck with that liquid mask or rubber cement, let us know how it turns out! I've been thinking of trying that stuff too!

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I had pretty good Luck w/ plain old rubber cement, (the elmers stuff) You can use a really fine paint brush to apply even the smallest of details if you're carefull! Only problem I had: its kinda hard to see exactly where you applied it after you paint. Isn't a big deal w/ large dents, scrapes, etc. but if you use it for all kinds of little weathering details, it can be confusing where you placed your mask. I recomend if your going to use this tecnique-get a rubber cement eraser right away. You can gently rub your eraser all over you helmet w/out damaging the paint job after its dry, and reveal all your tiny applications. They are available at most hobby stores. Hope that helps :)
Thanks guys again for the advise and to answer to the question. You'll be notified soon with the results with the "rubber cement". I'll be even posting pics of my progress.

On the other question...I'm so happy!!! I'll be plannin on doing a promotion party here...everyone's invited! :D
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