Paint techniques for burns?


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In working on my custom mando, I was thinking of working some lightsaber burns into the battle damage. Maybe one slash across the visor, and a graze down the side/back of the helmet to an impact on the shoulder.

1) Should I indent/sand the helmet/shoulder to make it look like some of it is actually cut away? And if so, how should I go about that?

2) I'm studying burnt paint on metal to get a feel for it, but I'm not very experienced, so I'm not sure what sort of techniques would give me a good burn look. Suggestions?

Thanks for your time!
You might also want to try black and brown pastels...crumble them into a powder, then dry brush them around the damaged areas using a paint brush. It gives a very realistic scorched look.
Awesome suggestions, thanks! For the powder method, did you use black powder, or smokeless? I think I have both around here somewhere...

And what about making the armor look "cut away" by a saber?
On my Fett armour i used a rotary tool to cut out the scratches in the armor. Just to (in my mind) make them more "real" and "accurate". So the paint doesn't look it has scraped off.. it has been beaten off.. se pics below.




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What's the bucket made out of? Using a soldering iron or gun will give it that real light saber looking scar, all melted and bubbled and overflow at the edges, given that the material the bucket is constructed of will melt under the heat of the iron, I dont think that would work on FG.
Ummm, not sure on the material, as it was given to me by Oz, along with the other amor plates. I'm pretty sure it's a DP 96, if that helps. A soldering iron is also a good idea... Maybe dremel for the blast and impact marks, soldering iron for the "saber melted" parts...

I was also thinking of taking a slice out of the left earpiece, and leading the graze down to a nice melted groove in the shoulder...
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