Paint scheme - request for clarification


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This came off of an ROTJ screen capture.


Is this paint scheme ESB or ROTJ? I read somewhere on the forums that the ESB helmet was used in ROTJ.

I also note that the ESB has an uneven brow, supposedly due to damage to the prop. Do you feel this unevenness is here also?
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That is the SE ROTJ Fett. That paticualar shot came out of the SE version of the film. In the SE they used the ROTJ costume but with the ESB helmet for some reason. And while I am sure the helmet has the wavy brow it is less aparent in that pic you posted. In the original ROTJ he only wears the ROTJ helmet.

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This is the ESB helmet, and yes the uneven brow is there. It start right below the right "arrow" and runs until below the dent. A almost invisible curve, due the camera angle, but it is there.


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Okay, thanks for the clarification.

So I understand the wavy brow of the ESB helmet is due to some damage to the prop.

Now is it basically indented somewhere in the middle or to the left of center (as you're looking at it)?

The reason I ask is if I purchase an ESB kit, the right of center looks lower to me, and my inclination would be to grind the right of center so that you have a continuous smooth line. But that would, in essence, widen the eyes. I've seen some of the Fett variants on this site, and noticed that some of the eyeslots were particularly narrow, and I think Fett looks better if his eyes are slightly wider.