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Hi all,

I know this has been discussed, but can you tell me what color yellow should be used for the shoulders and the knees? Also, should I use vaseline or rubber cement for masking the dents in those pieces?

I'm too lazy today to search for a different thread, but Krylon makes a color called CATERPILLAR YELLOW (as in the big industrial earthmovers). It is more of a school bus yellow/orange color. I couldn't find it, but NAPA Auto Parts makes the same color in an automotive finish called CAT YELLOW. It actually has a finer spray pattern and takes multiple coats easily. I also used it for the yellow areas on my jet pack. I don't know of anyone who has used it on their armor and had any regrets.
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Regrets, regrets, regrets. Caterpillar yellow is 1/2 of the combination you need. I did mine originally in Cat Yellow, and it looked good to me until I got my pictures back from Halloween. Way, way too bright. But it is easily fixed for it is the combination of Cat yellow and pumpkin orange when sprayed together make it just right. Some here swear by just the orange, but that doesn't look right to me. I covered mine with the cat yellow, then misted them with the pumpkin. If you take it too far, just work back into it with the yellow. P.S. don't forget to mist it with some flat black too.
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I knew there would be atleast one person who didn't like it. :) Weathering mine with a combination of flat black and gray acrylic paints toned the color down a bit. Still, when I hold my pieces next to reference pictures, it's pretty darn close.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, I am ASSUMING that the Krylon and NAPA colors are the same (similar names?). Which one did you use (you mentioned both of them in your post)?
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The yellow is Wal-Mart brand (ColorPlace) Equipment Yellow. Since it says that it is designed to match Caterpillar I guess that it would also match yours. The orange is Krylon Pumpkin Orange Gloss. I used a satin finish over the armor to keep it matte, but I think that the orange might come in a satin finish too. I know what you mean by the color looking right. The Cat Yellow was actually my 2nd try with the first color(Sun Yellow)having absolutly no orange in it. It looks right but you have to remember that you are looking at a picture that was taken with a flash. That will lighten it by at least a couple of tints. I do have one picture online.(I really need a digital camera). This was taken outside of the Plano con in May (I believe Bardo Fett is Jango) so the color of the shoulders looks brighter and my chest armor looks darker than it is, but you can make out the color pretty well on the knee guards.
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I painted mine with a layer of chrome/silver, then a bright yellow (sorry don't remember the brand) and then the Krylon Pumpkin Orange. After that, I misted with black and a TINY bit of the yellow.
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I'd have to agree with what Boba Phat said. While I didn't include that on my list of paints that is in fact how I got mine the color they are now. I used the pumpkin orange as a base and misted a bit of equipment yellow on to them. However after seeing the pictures from MOM and after going to MOM the color should be brighter than mine but they'll do.
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Couple questions... (Apologize if previously discussed)

First, are both shoulder pieces the same color? (Believe I've seen it the same, as well as the two a different shade from one another - What's the case?)

Second, is the knee armor the same color as the shoulder armor (And which one if they are two)?

If anyone has any over the counter spray paint colors they can recommend - Great...

Not looking for 100% accuracy, but something close.

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Well I used rustoluem old catapillar yellow for the shoulder bells, and knee's I'm doinf MoM ROTJ Fett though

I think its the same for the ESB Fett not sure though, in some pics it looks orange, like the hallway scene, I think that is preproduction stiles though.
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The ESB shoulders are two different colors one yellow and one orange.

I'll let the ESB experts chime in what is what.

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Indeed the left shoulder (with the skull) is a lighter shade of yellow. The right shoulder and knees are the same color to the best of my knowledge of researching ESB for the past 5 years :lol: I used a base the PollyS UP Armor Yellow and misted on top with Milwaukee Orange for the right shoulder and knees.........I think it looks perfect IMHO :D For the left shoulder I simply used the UP Armor Yellow.
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ESB Knee Arnor: More Yellow or More Orange???

I think it's been said they are more orange (Right shoulder color), but thought they were more yellow (Left shoulder color)


Please advise!
I used old catapillar yellow, its a goldish yellow color, er ROTJ version at least. This got merged for both. ESB may be different on one side than the other but ROTJ I dont think it is.
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B]<B>Merged:</B> ESB Knee Arnor: More Yellow or More Oran[/b]

I recently spoke to Jeremy Bulloch at a convention and he tells me that they were never orange, but more of a Mustard colour. I reckon that the Caterpillar Yellow is a great colour match (but Matt).
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Here is a pic of the shoulder and knee armor I made and painted for my girlfriend this year. All 4 pieces were airbrushed yellow. After the weathering which included a rust I found it brought out an orange tint.

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