OT - Sintra orders or replacements.



Right, most people think mage and see the old guy in a purple star robe. I'm working on some more detailed costuming for my Mage: the Ascension live action character, and figured that this is really the only good solid place I could post and get some responses, so here goes:

I can provide more detailed information for those who would like it, but I don't think it's horribly important for this - the main reason is the fact I can find one company that supplies "Sintra." That would be Alcan Composites, and from the look of their website it's not a simple as ordering a sheet or two off their website (if such a place where I can order online is available, a link to such would be much appreciated).

As such I'm wondering if there are any suitable replacements to such a material. The closest I could find is a corrigated plastic sheet, and I'm not sure how that would stand up to a heat gun.

only place I have found where you can buy it without hassles.

There is no replacment for this stuff. it just rocks hard. you can use styrene, but its more brittle, and sometimes hard to get paint to hold, look around on there site, they have alot of plastic. but sintra was made for signs, its fire resistant, paints, shapes and all that stuff. no other material has that much flexibility.

What exactly are you using it for?
There are two pieces of 'armor' I wish to fabricate. The first is a suit of very worn body armor. Mostly the chest and abdominal area. I don't need to worry about the back since I'm getting a coat tailored just for the character (some LARPers are just that insane). The second is a 'mechanical' right arm that extends from my hand to my elbow. I figure I can do it in three two pieces around my arm, and have them snap to something in order to stay in place. The hand is going to be slightly more difficult, but I can fasten them to a glove. I can provide a [somewhat dated] piece of concept art on the hand that's going to need some major revisions - the armor is still in mid draft.

Not that I wouldn't like to make a suit of Fett armor, either. I haven't been to this forum for awhile, and I forgot just how much I wanted to do this kind of stuff.
thats cool, I have been in several larp events in my aluminum platemail. Its super shiny wont rust, and its light.

dunno if your going to paint it or not, but I went with 1/8 inch aluminum and shaped/welded it on a workbench and english wheel. It didnt turn out to bad, and it was pretty easy to work with. are mages allowed to wear plated armor in Larp?
Slightly different. It's set in the modern day, so armor is considered mostly useless. Every Mage also has a different way they do magic. Mine, for example, uses technology. The armor I'm making is largely to show that he's slightly ahead of the times when it comes to technology he knows about, and mostly stylistic.

My plan is to paint it up to make it look like it's seen some hard times. Spiderweb cracks from bullets and some scorch marks and such.
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