Opinions please - My First try at painting

Christo Fett

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Brutal honesty please. I put these shoulder bells together yesterday and this is my first painted peice. I figured I should start with something small and easy to redo before I get into painting my helmet. I cut the shoulders out of Sintra, shaped them, painted them and weathered them.

I have my own opinions which I will keep to myself until I've heard from some of you. These are ESB styled and the pic has changed the color some but not much.

Anything goes, what do you think?

(y) (y) Very Nice!
I Really like the color on the right Bell, and the weathering is really nice...I think the Left one is a little too clean looking, and maybe needs a little more orange (but then again I know how the flash washes out alot of detail)
Where did you get the decal by the way?
Thanks Bro. My problem with the lighter/left bell was lack of ref pics. I went through the movie and got screen shots wherever possible and Fett always seems to have the cape draped over the left one. It is a little dirtier in person as well. The left bell in ESB is more yellow than orange too, at least from what I've seen.

The decal I printed out on some photo paper sprayed the backside with spray adhesive and stuck it on, cleared over it in the end too.
I hear you on the lack of reference.

Christo Fett said:
The decal I printed out on some photo paper sprayed the backside with spray adhesive and stuck it on, cleared over it in the end too.

Wish I thought of that........:)

I really dig what you did man... looks great!

One thing I'm noticing (could be wrong) is that the curve on the bells seems a bit too much? Does that make sense? They seem to be bent a bit too much... not sure how to describe it.

I like the paint job, nice use of layering.
You think they need to be a little flatter? I guess when I get myself a vest it'll be easier to tell when attaching them. I do see what you mean though.
Hi Christo, welcome. For your first painted piece I think you've done incredibly well. I agree with Kripps that the right bell does look a little too clean but that is nothing a little weathering can't cure. Really good job though, keep it up! You can only get better thru repetition anyway! It's always a good idea to start small. I think Kripps went thru like 2 other buckets before he was satisfied!! I'd rather go thru a few shoulder bells!
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