One pic of my ROTJ MHK


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Long time since I have posted. :) Any way, here is a pic of My MH while it was at RS paint shop some time ago, since then the helmet has been finished but I havent had the time to take some digital pictures of the end result. This is his ROTJ #1 helmet.

Many people have asked about the color of the inner sheek, well there it is. Dont remember the name of the color but I think there is a thread where he mentions it. :)

By the way, the helmet looks just like the real thing, thanks Lee.

THanks for the compliment. The color used is C&O Enchantment blue. I think this pic is just after I completed painting and had not worked on the ears yet. That was my first ROTJ helmet ever so I didn't have as much research poured into it as ESB but I'm pretty sure most colors were very close.

Take Care

Awesome looking bucket!

Love the paint Lee

Do you have a complete list of the colours you used (i.e. have you updated the Offical Colours thread).

Looks great!

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