One or two LED lights on rangefinder?


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I just did a mod on my Jango bucket and I think I goofed. I installed 2 LED lights on my rangefinder, but after I did it and the very next day I remembered reading a thread somewhere about there only being one LED and that the Rubies helmet was incorrect. Right now all I have is a modified Rubies until someone makes a kick-butt accurate Jango helmet that would be-to-scale on my 5'6" frame. So, I went off of what was already there and I think I screwed up. Anybody know how many LEDs and the placement? I'll do a search for that old thread, but I have a strong feeling there's only one LED...well at least mine blinks thanks to Radio Shack and a night of staying up till 2:30 am working on it! Oh well, my son likes it. Here's a few pics of my modified Rubies Jango bucket:


Jango bucket 9-17-05.JPG
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Thanks it's better than nothing. As soon as I finish up my arena jet pack & get my son's much anticipated MLC jet pack painted for his ROTJ Boba costume when it arrives in a few weeks, then I can start planning for a fiberglass Jango helmet. Have any info on who makes an excellent one? I don't want to modify a Boba because of the subtle differences. I'll be looking for one that's already dead on. Cheers and soon to be a little in the family.
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Thanks Foxbatkllr, I resent...I mean resemble that remark:lol:(I hate that it's a Rubies) -but Rubies or not, I like it and my kid loved it at his B-day party. I wish I would have gone with the lighter blue color around the lens that others recommend and is on Seeker's color chart pic, but I couldn't find the color at the time, so that color's a little off. But it works until I figure out who makes and sells the best fiberglass Jango. Any ideas who? I remember reading a thread a week or so back about someone who was fabricating one, but I can't remember who the fabricator was. I'll need to Search the threads. Thanks again for the awesome compliment. Cheers, and soon to be a little in the family.
I have to agree that is a really good looking helmet despite it's origins :lol: ;)
Really man you have done well with all aspects of it.

I'm very pleased with my JD Jango helmet. It's weathered and very accurate. It fits my head but there's not much room for electronics and stuff. If you have an average size head, you can't go wrong with JD. Beautiful.
Hey thanks Pooper for the compliment in spite of its origins:D. It's fully padded, got a Rembrandt visor and has the keyholes cut out for vent. I glued a piece of 1" wide 1/8" thick aluminum stock across the back from earpiece to earpiece that was bent to curve around the back keyhole area and hold the most accurate flare I could get with a Rubies. That piece of aluminum stock has really been the saver and key or else the bucket wouldn't look half as decent as it does. And it really helps to make the bucket feel sturdy and not bendy like Rubies are.

Thanks matt1466 for the info. I'll do a search of the threads and see if I can find a pic of JD's Jango helmet. Do you think your JD Jango would look to scale on a 5'6" medium build body frame? If you've got a pic of yours I would definitely like to see it.

Cheers, Cruzer
I compared my modified Rubies bucket to JD's white helmet that you see on his avater and it's bigger. Roughly a 1/2" wider and about 3/8" taller. Maybe a little more. Roomier inside too. My Rubies Jango is 10" from the outside of the ears with a ring in back to keep it's shape.
Not sure how much bigger JD's version 2 is.

Awsome job on your Jango BTW. (y)

Hey thanks for the compliments. Since there was a little interest in my modified "cough...cough...Rubies...cough," here's pics of what I did to the inside for others who may be dealing with a Rubies Jango.



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