One last wafer thin ESB paint job...

Apologies if I missed this, I did look through the whole thread but couldn't see that anyone else had asked:

Do you have some more info on what you use for step 44 (seal entire helmet with 3-4 thin coats of satin coat) is this just Humbrol Satin Clear found in the varnish section of their website?
"if the silver is not surrounded by grey, leave the liquid mask on!"

Can someone explain that? I don't know why but it's one of those sentences I just can't get my head around!

Oh also, you mention diluting the satin cote with white spirit - any idea what kind of ratio?

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There are some scratches that are silver with no grey around them. Therefore you mask off the silver, and then don’t peel it off until after you’ve painted the grey and green layers.

Humbrol cotes come pretty thick, I cant recall the ratio but it should be the consistency of milk. Enough that it sprays smoothly


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I never understood what it meant to have the consistency of milk until I painted myself. Definitely trial and error but the consistency of milk is pretty spot on.