Ok to use Dremmel on PVC pipe?


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I read that using a Dremmel on Sintra is bad because it emits a toxic substance. What about using it on regular PVC pipe. I just got my Dremmel and have been carving up the pipe. Am I in trouble or is it just the Sintra thats bad.
I have been using my dermal on both sintra and PVC pipe. I just make sure to ware a mask. I haven't suffered from anjhu badkkkjl gassssssssss lklllk.;):D
I get a sore throat if I dremmel sintra, mask or no mask. If you are just cutting the pipe or making small cuts, I would recommend a hack saw.
Kinda bad to cut with a high speed cutting tool, if it starts to get too hot and melts, it can produce harmful vapors ... but then again so does my sister :lol: Just wear a mask, and not just a dust mask, but respirator, you may think it's overkill, but you don't want spots on you lungs in the shape of a Boba blaster, do ya ;)
I cut sintra and PVC with my dremel all the time. It has only been recently that i wear a mask when i cut it. And when i say mask i mean respirator. It keeps the fumes and dust outa my lungs.
Using a dremel on PVC pipes produces an unbelievable amount of dust. I use the dremel only when I'm too lazy to use the hacksaw. (n)
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