Official Show Off Your JetPack (scratchbuilt too!)


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This is the one I made, it is a little big (an understatement) but the fins extend and retract! :D I like it.

jet pack.jpg
Here's mine. Six months, 9lbs 9 0z, and a whole lotta sanding. Hey, look! My toes!

The rest of my pack is here:
The truster balls are roller hockey balls. Just the right size. I lined the inside with Bondo so they would be less "squishy". The "ribbed" part is cut sintra. I made a few long pieces, tappered the bottom, then cut them out. I had enough to throw out the ones that didn't look right. For the ribs on the tank, I made another long piece, heated it up, and curved it around the tank.
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Here's my "MOSTLY" scratch built jet pack:

jet pack.jpg

The entire rocket assembly is home-made using a kid's plastic cup cover, styrene, foam, paper mache and pvc, the body is a vacuuformed piece, the thrusters are from G.A., the side tanks are vacuuformed, the tops and bottoms of the tanks are pieces of those small snack containers, the beacon is a mini-mag-lite with a hairspray cover on top and the bolt is just a bolt. I like it! ;)

I just bought a resin rocket to replace the entire home-made one.
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Here's the current state of my scratchbuilt "stubby"...
courtesy of LisaFett's patterns!


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Of course here is mine... 1 week and 5lbs later...totally scratch-built. Actually, it seemed the easiest part to do for me since it didnt take any bending or anything with the sintra. However, I couldnt have done it without all the info others have posted already who have pioneered this area.
Thanks guys, I used spray paint cans on the sides and just built box-like walls out of sintra in all the right areas... The nose cones are spinners (radio control airplane nose cones from a hobby shop.
jet pack.jpg

jet pack_top.jpg

jet pack_bottom2.jpg

jet pack_final.jpg

jet pack_final2.jpg
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Here is my scratchbuilt pack. Its from a mold, but I built the mold so that still qualifies right?

The pictures are at Pack+November+2002&.src=ph&.view=

This is my newest jet pack- I thought everyone would like to see it. I made this mold a while ago and so far have only gotten a few pulls from it- mainly for the Fett costumes I built for Disney/MGM Studios (look for it at the 2003 Star Wars Weekends event). This is my copy of the pack. The body is vacuum-formed styrene and the details are resin as usual (rocket, nozzles, cylinder caps, etc.). I have also done more detailed resin parts for the ‘piano keys’ instead of leaving them as part of the vacu-form mold.

To make the vacuform mold, I started with a scan of the photo from the SW Visual Dictionary. I drew the plans in CorelDraw on top of the scanned picture and printed them out full size. (some other pics from MOM, etc. were also used for reference) The dimensions accounted for the thickness of the plastic when pulled over the mold. The form was built from Sintra plastic and PVC and then filled with foam to reinforce it. To get a complete jet pack body, I have to do 3 pulls- front, back, and top. I was able to get about 5 full sets of pulls before the plastic started to warp and bend from the heat. If I make any more copies, this mold will have to be replaced with a more sturdy one made of plaster or similar material.

I am much happier with the overall shape of this one compared to my previous versions- I think I have gotten pretty darn close to the real deal. The shape of the body works well for the Boba or Jango versions- (I am hoping to do a stubby Jango pack soon too).

I tried a different paint technique this time. I primed as usually, then did several good coats of Plasti-Coat Burnished Silver automotive spray paint. After letting that dry thoroughly for several days, I painted the whole pack with one good coat of Krylon Sage Satin (with black and red details, etc). After letting that coat dry for several days, I began lightly sanding with fine sandpaper until the silver showed through. The finished result is very realistic, especially in person.

Mark B.

Visit 'Build Your Own Boba Fett' at
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fpoato thats great ... (y) ... great job :)

and your welcome ... (pics related :D)

ok i need to put the pics of mi JP :D you can see more on
<img src=>
<img src=>
<img src=>
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**UPDATE** 10/11** Re-did the rocket - Im much happier with it - although its a *@$%*@ PITA!!! (still no fins)
This is my scratch built Jango pack courtesy of Lisa Fetts pattern and Mirax (who mailed said pattern to me).
Im pretty happy with it - except for the rocket. Im in the process of re-doing the rocket and making it out of the gopher poison container and the auto funnel ala BradleyFett's site. Also great thanks to VashdStampede for the sweet decals I won in the cargo hold contest a month back!!!!!! Thanks dude - the stickers rock!
Hopefully itll make it look a bit better!

And the site:

Take care,
Sean ;)
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Official Show Off Your Jet Pack Thread

Just figured that I'd post a few pics of my MB jet pack complete now with the aluminum beacon.

I love it!



just finished my scratchbuilt jp, i used templates supplied by ukscout (cheers neil :D) its not movie accurate by any means but it will do me until i can afford a fg pack.Just need to add a beacon and stabaliser and i'll be sorted.
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Here's mine in its current state:


I used a piece of 4" PVC for the main tube screwed to a piece of sintra. 3 soda cans make up each tank on the sides. The outer shell was made from 2 "For Sale" signs and some thinner styrene I bought at the hobby shop. I used styrene house-siding foam to build up areas and covered it with styrene sheets. This foam was also ribbed inside to make the flare in the back. Lot's of bondo and sanding have gotten me this far...

Rocket Detail

The grapples are aluminum, but everything else is plastic or PVC. I used PVC reducers to join the rocket to the pack. The end of the rocket is a 3"to 1" reducer and the top of the pack is a 3" to 2" reducer. That way the rocket is a tension fit and so it is removable. Tip is the old "resin pull of a drinking fountain paper cup".


My beacon is a mag light and hair spray cap. It slips down in a hole in the pack, and all I have to do is turn it to make the light come on. The tops of the soda cans were some stick-on, push-on lights I got at Dollar tree cut to fit. Piano keys are hand cut (ouch my thumb!) pieces of sintra.


Powerade caps for the bottom of the soda cans.

Comments and questions welcome.
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Official Show Off Your Jetpack

Okay guys and gals,

Just pics of your pack and any other information you'd like to provide (i.e. paints used, tips, methods, materials, etc.)

Let's try to keep this thread free from all the "attaboy" posts, ok?

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