*Official* "Please introduce yourself" thread


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little bit about me

My Name Is Matt im 25 I live in Texas I have been in to prop building for about a year now I begen to get into the prop world through my Friend and mentor Mr spideyfett who also introduced me to TDH

I have been a long time Collector of The Punisher and Predator I am also currently working on a full Predator costume and hoping soon once that is complete i can start on my very own Mandalorian.

I look forward to meeting people on the board and hoping to make friends and learn more about what all it takes to build and create a great mandalorian suit and offer whatever advice and knowledge i have to anyone on the board.

feel free to Pm

=) Matt
Good to see ya here matt! (y):cheers


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My name is Mike Orona, I am a 45 year old disability retired Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy... Due to multiple injuries over my 16+ year career I don't get around very well but on the bright side, get all the good parking spaces now at least (gotta look at the bright-side lol)... I've also have been able to raise my now 4 year old Son as I was retired right after he was born... Life doesn't shut a door without opening a window....
I am here now to build props and such for my own personal collection... I have a thing for helmets and guns from Star Wars, what can I say...
Here's a photo of some of the stuff I've accumalated and still working on...

Thanks for letting me take part...

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Hello ladies and gents. My name is Ryan and I have been costuming for about 8 years now. I started off wanting to do a Boba Fett Costume way back when and then became a stormtrooper in the 501st. I live in Central Florida and currently have bits and pieces for my Fett (which I think I'm gonna sell soon, since I'm not going to finish it), have a completed stormtrooper, sandtrooper, and episode 3 clone. I am also in the progress now of creating my own Iron Man costume from scratch, though I have been making props from scratch for years. I look forward to meeting some of you, some I know. I know I will learn much from all of you.
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Bout time.. :D
LOL I know but hey i finally did it :D

Awesome, more Texas guys. Welcome Matt...and we won't hold it against you that you're friends with Spidey...:lol:

J/K...Under Alex's talented guidance, you'll rock your Mando.
LOL I know right i was debating if i should say i know the guy LOL and thankyou for the welcome i look forward to getting started soon

ya I hope so just have to get my darn predator finished so i can start

Good to see ya here matt! (y):cheers
thanks justin Glad i finally joined


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My name is Sam, 22 years old and working full time as a Flash Developer. I live in Brisbane, Australia. Just got involved with the 501st this year. Waiting on Bobamaker and Wickedbear orders for most of my ROTJ Fett stuff. In my spare time I play a lot of Xbox and computer games. I enjoy a lot of fantasy and sci-fi stuff. Can't wait to complete my Fett.


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Hi everyone,

I'm Jonathan from Malaysia.
Huge Star wars fan, and I'm trying to get a Boba suit ready for the new movie next year!


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Alright Folks, Task283 here,
i'm a Long time member but have never managed to get started on my own Fett until now so I guess its time to say hello,

TOTAL amature maker (just in it for the cheap thrills) from Aberdeen Scotland. Started out life on horror and gore makeup for local films and inevitably got dragged into prop building which opened my eyes to the wonderful world of costuming.

Now a devout follower fo all things Cosplay especially Starwars. Currently at the inception of an ESB build after about 3 yrs of research and hope to have something to wear come spring next year.

Big congrats on the braw wee site and look forward to meeting you all in the forums soon.



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Hello everyone!

My name is Casie, and I'm from Michigan. I'ma brand new member (as in I just joined today), and I'm also a complete noob when it comes to cosplay of any kind. Since I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, I'm planning on taking full advantage of the how-to's and will definitely take any advice you guys are willing to give. My end goal is to get into the 501st, preferably as Rav Bralor, but I'm planning on practicing on a couple custom sets first. Thanks for having me, and I look forward to picking some brains! ;)


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Hi all, my names tony, I have been a long time star wars fan, with my favourite character always being boba, I have met Jeremy bullock on several occasions and even have his autograph, I am the proud owner of 3 different stormtrooper lids all built from kits, and a clone helmet adapted from a rubies helmet, all are display only, don't use them for trooping or anything, I have just got my hands on a don post fett helmet, so will be asking a lot of questions soon as it arrives :)


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Hi, I'm Lona and I've always wanted to be a part of the Mando culture. I've made Halloween costumes since my kids were born (roughly 20 years now), but really, nothing of the same calibre you see here. I'd like to start a Bo Katan build but really don't know where to begin. Hopped onto a couple of threads and am learning a lot since joining (last night!). Would any and all advice.


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Hi my names Rowan I am 45 years old I have been a Star Wars fan since I saw the first film at the cinema in '77
i live in Hemel Hempstead UK
i am planning to make a mando costume so any help will be appreciated


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Andy Hodgson. Living in scotland. In awe of the workout ive Seen here. Got a 6yr Boy who is nuts about starwars n the Fetts in particular! Having a look round then starting a build soon


Hello, all. My name is Pete Hague. I am currently a TK in the legion and am working towards an ESB Fett. I'm a graphic designer/illustrator and father of two. I've actually been stalking the boards for a long time now, trying my hardest to not ask questions and due my research first! But........ SO MANY QUESTIONS!


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Hey everyone!

My name is Kevin, 21 years old biomedical college student from Belgium, I've always dreamed of building my own armor(s) be it to wear, or for display purposes, after years of dwelling around on rpf, 501st en 405th websites I started recently on my first project, the Boba Fett helmet, you'll probably see me asking a lot of things, so please bear with me :lol:


Hey all. I just came across this site while looking around for a Boba Fett costume. Everything I've found has been overpriced garbage, so I'm glad I found this amazing resource! If I'm going to pay a lot of money, at least I know I will be getting top quality stuff if I follow the advice on these forums ;) I was initially just looking for something that looked pretty authentic, but seeing some of the stuff here, and learning about the 501 club...... well....... I may have to adjust my thinking hahaha.


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My name is Seba (short for Sebastian), I'm 19 years old, I'm from luxembourg and I'm an IT student. I speak fluent Luxembourgish, German, French and English.

I'm a big fan of tanks of the WWII era and a model builder (guess what I build normally ;) ).
On the other side I'm a sci-fi fan. I love the Star Wars and the Halo universe.

I am a SW fan since I saw the first movie 10 years ago and my first fav character war Jango. I always liked the futuristic look of all the armors and helmets.
I was mostly interested in the Clone Wars era but that was long before the animated SWTCW series and I only had the books and my imagination. I wanted to build a mandalorian helmet and a Phase-I Clone Trooper helmet but had never the courage or idea how to do so.

But after watching nearly the whole animated SWTCW series it finally happened. I fell in love with one specific helmet. And at that moment I said to myself I will build this helmet no matter how much effort it takes. It is the helmet of Rako Hardeen. My target is to build this helmet as airsoft-safe version and with some cool extras like integrated radio and air ventilation. But first things first! Now I need to learn how to build a helmet from scratch out of paper/cardboard.

And well, that's how I found my way trough the world wide web straight into your forum. :)
(I don't need to use written english very often so I apologize for any errors.)


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Hello from Detroit,my name is Dave but everyone calls me DJ. Im 42 and have been a starwars fan for as long as I can remember. I just registered. My friend and I are p going to start our first armor build so we can do it up right for the motor city comic con and for the opening of episode VII.and would like a place to come to in case we have any questions. Thanks for accepting me to this point.


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Hey all, I am Mike from Nova Scotia Canada. I have built a tusken and a trooper. I want to continue with a much delayed Boba suit. I troop a bit but mainly like to tinker and build props. I have several projects on the go from a Dianoga, a Jawa, tusken rifle and GONK droid. Problem is I see too many cool things and never really finish what I start. LOL. I admire all of the members on here that share their love of all things star wars and their creations.

I look forward to seeing more and maybe asking a question or two. Thanks for having me.


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Hey Everyone,

My name is Cam from Toronto, Ontario.

Love the entire SW universe and am especially entertained by the video games! Still get enormous amounts of joy from Battlefront 2 on the PS2; the release of the newest addition to the Battlefront series may prompt a purchase of the PS4.

I've loved the Boba Fett Character my entire life and recently got him tattooed on my leg; once the work is finished I'll be sure to post photos. Next step is purchasing a high quality helmet for my home.

I look forward to sifting through the many threads on here and interacting with everyone.

Happy 2015!
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